Top 10 Things I Got WRONG about The Last Jedi – 2nd Angry Review

AngryJoe explores more of the divisiveness surrounding The Last Jedi. Upon second & third viewings here are some corrections to my last video and where the greater Star Wars Universe currently sits.

*Correction: Mon Mothma Retired, I misspoke when I said shes dead. Shes just not a factor anymore to keep the New Republic on its toes.

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  1. I’m actually kinda glad that you’re doing more movie-based videos since I barely play video games anymore. Now I have an incentive to still occasionally watch you despite video games being your main thing. On the subject of this video, I’m glad you made this because you happened to take back pretty much the only things I disagreed with you on. The other complaints you had I think are justified and/or depend on how Episode 9 will stick the landing. Lastly, I’m concerned about the co- writer for Episode 9 also doing Batman v. Superman. I hated that movie but I did really like Justice League so we’ll see.

  2. I don’t think George Lucas had a complete arc in mind, when he directed Episode IV.

    In particular, Luke and Leia being siblings was definitely something he thought of later (because he approved a novel where a lot more than kissing happens between them), but he still claims he had it all hammered out beforehand. I think it is the same with the other stuff – maybe he had vague ideas, but the original movies don’t really build on each other in the way the prequels or the new trilogy do (each new movie in the original trilogy is basically a new story, with little connective tissue), so there are fewer ways for the movies to contradict each other.

    • If you have watched SF Debris’ video series about creation of Star Wars you know that Lea wasn’t meant to be Luke’s sister but got that role because Lucas ended up not introducing character who was meant to be Luke’s sister. So yeah, Lucas might claim that he had planned it all along but really he didn’t. Besides he changes his mind so often that it’s almost impossible to tell what he was originally thinking.

  3. @where is the fleet of the Republic: I think without leadership it scattered to the Outer Rim to reorganize and this is who Leia sends the signal out to at the end. The Resistance might get reinforcements in Episode IX.

  4. Joe,

    Surprised the map didn’t make your list. I had actually thought you were right in your first video about the map, but upon going back and rewatching TFA, Luke actually didn’t have anything to do with the map. It was established in TFA that Luke exiled himself because of his failings with Kylo Ren. The only thing he said is that he went in search of the first Jedi temple. The empire apparently was searching for the temple as well back in the day of Palpatine and Vader, and when R2 downloaded the empre’s database during ANH he got the map the Empire had, so you were also wrong about Luke leaving the map for others to find him if they need him. He truly did want to exile himself because of his mishandling of Kylo.

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