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At the risk of his Sanity and Health Angryjoe Counts down the Top 10 WORST Games of 2016!

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  1. Have you seen the new updates they did recently for No Man’s Sky? From what I’ve heard, they’ve taken pretty big steps to rectify earlier problems.

  2. I’ve never heard of Eve: Valkyrie, Homefront: The Revolution, and Alekhine’s Gun. I’ve heard mixed things about Layers of Fear but I didn’t want it since I avoid horror like the plague. I heard mostly good things about The Division with the exception of the game being repetitive or something like that but not my game. I heard that people liked the Mafia III except for bugs but it’s not my thing. I heard that Quantum Break was good if you weren’t looking for gameplay. Haha. I didn’t hear about the crashes though. Gosh. O.O I just LOL’d once again about Umbrella Corps. I loved that review. I was surprised that No Man’s Sky was on your worst list. I heard it was the perfect example of an okay game. It was going to be the only game I would buy in 2016, in fact. I should have seen your #1 but I didn’t. It totally deserves it though.

  3. At least you missed out on the disappointment that was Star Fox: Zero.

    • I didn’t think it was a bad game:

      It just felt like they listened to the group-think internet gaming culture that demanded more uses for the gamepad not realizing they didn’t really want that , then Miyamoto stubbornly refused to add a traditional control scheme not realizing the complainers never really wanted what they asked for.

      • Definitely not the worst game I ever played, but it could’ve been so much more. Especially considering Platinum was involved and they’ve made some of the finest action games around. Providing an option to play without the use of the gamepad gyro would’ve rectified some of my issue with the game, but it just felt kind of bland and uninspired overall. I can’t believe they just rehashed the story of the first StarFox for like the third time.

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