Top 11 Funniest Shyamalan Moments – Nostalgia Critic

With so many to choose, the Nostalgia Critic counts down the funniest moments that were probably never meant to be funny in the first place.

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  1. You can mock Shyamalan for the movies he wrote and directed, but seeing as how he only produced ‘Devil’, I don’t think he deserves ridicule for that one. Especially since it was written by Brian Nelson who has absolutely no trouble writing a completely shitty script all by himself (this is the same guy who wrote ‘Hard Candy’ and ’30 Days Of Night’). If, anything Shyamalan may have helped, as this is one of Nelson’s better (meaning more tolerable) efforts.

  2. It’s like these moments from the movies were not supposed to be funny but were and this review was supposed to be funny but wasn’t. What a twist!!!!

  3. Okay you’re on Critic, you’re on!

  4. Hilariously Stupid Filmmaking Indian Guy with the Nostral I mean Nostalgia Critic reviwer will be right back after these messages, three days from now.

  5. Combined a toddler with a dog?
    I didn’t know that Mike Wahlberg was in Full Metal Alchemist.

  6. “wait for it, wait for it”

    …was that a freaking Hamilton drop?

  7. Am I the only person that actually LIKED The Village??? I mean, I went into it thinking that the monsters weren’t going to be real, so I wasn’t expecting any sort of ‘monster flick’. (I guess that’s why I wasn’t disappointed when the monsters turned out to be false.) And I actually liked the twist at the end…. I know, I’m weird ;__;

  8. You know what’s fucking funny? When I saw Lady in the Water, I had no idea it was a Shyamalan flick. I looked at it and thought “Huh, how about that. Another one of those craptastic Green Mile type movies that everyone’s so fond of. I bet this is rated into the top 250 best movies of all time on IMDB”. Boy, was I surprised how wrong I was. But seriously, what makes a cringeworthy, emotionally forced piece of garbage like The Green Mile a classic to the people, and not The Lady in the Water? Like they could even tell the difference. Want a good example? Life of Pi. I saw that and felt certain that I had just seen a Shyamalan movie. I mean it had to be. I was shocked that it got rated highly at all. SHOCKED!

  9. #11.Stupid movie
    #10.It is a good movie.Fun
    #9.I very much like the movie
    #8.THIS MOVIE IS CRAP.Its not that funny cause the movie is CRAP
    #7.Such a stupid movie.These kids are so bad
    #6.Meh not good movie.This is a funny guy
    #5.This movie and this scene is so dumb
    #4.Erase the movie.There dance is so horrible
    #3.They are so DUMB
    #2.He is acting funny but really stupid
    #1.I never saw it gonna see your review to know

  10. Actually the aliens in signs weren’t actually aliens they were demons from hell (what a twist!). They did all that stuff with the crop circles and lights in the sky so people would think they were aliens. I guess you just can’t trust demons not to lie. They didn’t want people to know they were demons because then people would turn to religion and break out the holy water and then they’d be screwed.

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