Top 11 Worst Movie Sequels

There’s so many bad ones, but which sequels are hands down the worst of the worst? Nostalgia Critic gives you his picks for Top 11 Worst Movie Sequels.

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  1. Clerks 2 is bad? This is news to me! Also, no TMNT 3?

  2. Grease 2 missed the list?

    • I saw Grease 2 and it was more forgettable than out-and-out bad. It was more or less a remake of the first movie, only with the genders reversed. Like someone’s fan fiction, only for real. The most notable thing about Grease 2 was that the movie featured no less than 3 songs about intercourse.

  3. 11. I have no problem with any of The Godfather movies, especially the 3rd one. But yeah, I’m also a bit iffy on the helicopter scene.
    10. The original Blair Witch is one of my favorite horror films, and I am happy that I passed on seeing this crap. But the recently released sequel simply titled “Blair Witch” was really good. (“I swear to Christ.”)
    9. Oh, GET OVER IT! These movies are popcorn entertainment, and I’m a fan of them. I collect the toys and display them on my shelf. Why do you people take something as cheese as Transformers, and take it as seriously as a form of healthcare? The Bay hate needs to stop. Please.
    8. While I agree that this isn’t one of the best of the X-Men movies, but I still enjoy watching this one. Also, this is technically a PREQUEL, not a sequel.
    7. It’s a good thing I’ve decided to watch the original Blues Brothers movie before you made your review on the sequel.
    6. The only Jaws sequel I ever watched from start to finish was the 2nd film. It was on TNT early in the morning, and I had nothing else to do. Thank God 3-D in movies has been undated for the best.
    5. Now that I have grown older since seeing this movie on TV when I was a kid, and have gotten to know more about Superman, I can agree that no one at Cannon Films gave a crap about this movie that probably never should have been made.
    4. Again, PREQUEL, and another movie that should be left alone on the negativity. The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy helped open up the Star Wars universe in a big way with new characters, new planets, backstory, and The Clone Wars.
    3. As a kid, I was overhyped into seeing this film, and after seeing it, I tried to love it, but a part of me didn’t, and since I’ve gotten older, I agree with everyone that Batman & Robin is more cheesy that the Adam West TV show, and after a time when we saw The Dark Knight as a dark and complex comic book character. Oh, and RIP, Bat Credit Card running gag (2008-2016).
    2. I am SO happy I passed on seeing this film either when it was in theaters or when it came out on DVD. I was a big fan of the original Jim Carrey movie, that it made me see MORE Jim Carrey movies. Seeing clips of this movie in your review just made me want to go to the store and restock on my Excedrin Migraine supply.
    1. I never even heard of Troll 2, or even Troll 1, until I first saw the famous “OH MY GOD!” scene on YouTube alone with some other bad movie scenes like “GARBAGE DAY!” I thank funny haven’t seen any of the Troll movies, and I’m keeping it that way, ‘cause both Phelous and The Cinema Snob have took a stab at them.

    • You’re more annoying than NC with your “BAY DOESN’T DESERVE HATE” posts.
      And no, popcorn movies are not a good thing because it forces me to shut off my brain to enjoy it. The only live Transformers movie I enjoyed was the first movie, and that was because it was fresh.

  4. I still don’t understand Doug’s dislike of the first two Raimi Spiderman movies.

    At worst you could call them a much better written, filmed, and acted love letter to the hopeful silver age where Spiderman began mixed with a modern look, kind of like how the first Tim Burton Batman felt like a gritty golden age world with modern elements.

    We do however agree that Spiderman 3 and Batman and Robin are terrible.

  5. 11 – It was good, just not as good as the other two.
    10 – I just watch your review.
    9 – Fourth was the worst.
    8 – This is why I love “X-Men: First Class” so much.
    7 – And half the cast.
    6 – Sadly, I saw that recently.
    5 – At least it wasn’t as dumb as the ending to the first “Superman”.
    4 – That’s a prequel, not a sequel!
    3 – Yeah “Disaster Movie” mocking.
    2 – First movie I knew would be awful from the trailer.
    1 – The original was good?

  6. Uh Troll 2 shouldn’t count for this list as not only is the first Troll movie not even good at all (it technically did Inspire Harry Potter but quality wise no one knows or cares for that movie whatsoever) but Troll 2 technically isn’t a sequel to Troll. It became a sequel in name only due to it being an Italian exploitation film given that moniker without any relation to the original Trolls film other then little monster creatures going around who sometimes turn people into plant life. It just sort of became one of those talked about terrible movies but isn’t technically a sequel. Honestly I would of gone with Never Ending Story III for the top spot. Since that not only is a sequel but more then any others seems like it shits and throws it’s dung at any thing related to quality of the original movie and story and just turns into a farce. Even Batman and Robin at least was pulling something from the actual mythos of the original source material. Neverending Story III had the nasties and Rockbiter children with the gentle giant riding a motorcycle singing born to be wild…. think that’s much more of a “fuck you” to the original then anything Troll 2 did at all.

  7. Eh, I would not have chosen Troll 2 because the first one wasn’t good to begin with. Caddyshack II was a better choice.

  8. You forgot Secret of NIMH 2 Timmy To The Rescue, that movie was a insult to The Secret of NIMH

  9. I don’t think Blair Witch 2 is shit. I thought the plot where people that thought they were doing unassuming things but were actually involved in murders and orgies was kind of neat.

  10. I’m surprised he didn’t put up Never Ending Story 3 in there, or even mention it.

  11. From a longtime fan perspective, I can see why Phantom Menace is on the list, but as a Fan starting with the VHS original Trilogy in 1999, I disagree (Personally I think Episode II is the worst)

  12. Great list! But I’m surprise “The Secret of NIMH 2” is not there.

  13. Feature Films for Families’s ‘Tiny Heroes’ is the worst movie/sequel ever made, only issue is you’ve never heard of it (before now)!

  14. so neverending story 3 didnt even get a dishonorable mention?

  15. Unpopular Opinion; Batman Returns is just as bad as Batman & Robin.

    • I doubt you can conjure up a convincing argument for that.

      • You mean aside from the fact that there aren’t any concrete themes or character arcs, character motivations hanged from scene to scene, the plot is riddled with holes, almost all of the dialogue is cringeworthy sexual innuendo’s, and it’s the very definition of style over substance?

        If I didn’t have an argument I wouldn’t have said it. What exactly does the movie have going for it beyond performances, production design, and the fact that it’s “dark”?

        • Honestly?

          Because Batman and Robin openly mocks and disrespects the characters worse than the campy Adam West show, which at worst was just trying to be family friendly.

          Dr. Freeze as a pun spouting bodybuilder? Even if you think the Penguin from returns was a grotesque caricature (as I do) it was still less insulting than 50 cold puns.

          • Less insulting to the character, maybe, but I find it about as hard to sit through as the 40 cat/sex puns.

  16. How could you forget Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull and Star Trek V ?

  17. why didn’t neverending story 3 make the list? especially when you made such a big deal out of it the last time you’ve reviewed it?

  18. Exorcist 2: The Heretic should have been mentioned

  19. Okay, some awful sequels on this list but I wouldn’t call Troll 2 the worst sequel ever. Because really, who gives a shit about Troll 1! With something like Son of the Mask, or Highlander 2 at least the original film was good and well regarded. No one was disappointed that Troll 2 didn’t live up to its predecessor. Also, Troll 2 created memes and has a cult following. I was in fact at a screening when they were shooting Best Worst Movie, and the guy who played the dad was there, it was a very positive movie going experience overall. Anyway, you need that inherent disappointment for a sequel to be truly bad. For me its the third film a lot of the time that fails, Blade Trinity, Robocop 3, and Alien 3 all kind of suck.

  20. All these super hero movies, yet Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice somehow fails to make the list… I would watch Batman and Robin and Superman 4 again before watching Batman VS Superman another time. At least those films sorta understand Batman and Superman. BvS gets them wrong in some mind-boggling ways you just wonder HOW. I mean, expectation wise as well, this is 2 of the greatest comic book characters ever meeting on screen (Heck, you’ve got Wonder Woman in there as well so make that 3 of the greatest comic book characters) and yet, it somehow manages to miss the mark. I don’t understand. I don’t know if it’s the worst of all the worse, but it’s the worst of the Super Hero movie sequels, I will say that for certain.

  21. What about “The Sting Part 2”?

  22. Robocop 3 with the Christopher Reeve flying scenes.
    Austin Powers 3 the unfunny sequel with too many celebrity cameos.
    Scary Movie 4 the boring sequel that somehow made Junior funny to me.
    Sharknado 4 where the shark jumping went too far.
    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with the infamous surviving a nuke inside a refrigerator.

  23. Superman 4 is definitely bad, but the thing with Superman’s hair does make sense. It’s the same reason that spider silk has as much tensile strength as steel, and yet can be easily cut with the edge of an open palm. Tensile strength and cutting resistance are independent of one another.

  24. I thought you were going to “pause” and save #1 for next week like you did last Halloween.
    Another honourable mention: Kindom of The Crystal Skull.
    Even some of the weekly adventures of “Young Indy” was better than that.

  25. The irony of Critic complaining about the plot of Godfather III is that it is based off of completely real issues that came out of a papal banking scandal in the late 70’s.

    John Paul I died only a short time after taking the papacy, 33 days, and was considered a reformer, one who was going to return the church to its roots and give away much of its wealth, and in that, divesting much if not all of its investments, many of which had been made with mafia involvement. He was found dead in his bed while reading without his glasses a book he’d read a few times before, and even though he had been given a clean bill of health within the previous week they ruled it a heart attack, with no autopsy.

  26. I knew Phantom Menace would be on the list… Though looking back, it really wasn’t that bad 😐 It a had a good premise, some REALLY good ideas and good acting from everyone who wasn’t American and of course, the action was PHENOMENAL and probably some of John Williams best compositions which tell a better story on their own (Duel of the Fates anyone? That needs to come back in the sequel trilogy!) There was effort put into those prequels… SO MUCH EFFORT! It actually makes me sad really. George Lucas is an incredible creative genius. His good ideas are in the same league as Hayao Miyazaki and he was one of the founders of Pixar (albeit unofficially) and of course good friends with Steven Spielberg. He’s mostly been with great creative minds. His bad ideas… Well, they either become good after some serious analysis (the lightsaber believe it or not was meant to be an everyday thing, then after some work, they became the icon we know today). The bad ideas………. Well, the ewoks could have just been left to the side but making them part of the final battle was weird and jar Jar Binks: Need I say more? If he was meant to be a Sith lord, then that was a wasted opportunity and now he’ll always be remembered as the death of comedy… Even though just one of those friggin twins from Revenge of the Fallen is worse -_- and ironically, Bay is good friends with Lucas and often seeks his advice… and I KNOW George told him that story, character and plot needs to have more focus. I cite that as the ultimate irony.

  27. Surprised that never ending story 3 didn’t make the cut

  28. Full disagree on the Clerks 2 mention, where Kevin Smith still made a very fun comedy instead of repeating himself with the same premise from the first movie, but using rather fun winks to them working at a fast food chain.

  29. woah! Deadpool is not a unique character he’s got snake eye’s wepons wolverines powers and spider-mans eyes and he’s a deathstroke rip-off he literally comic sloppy seconds

  30. You spent too much time on Blues Brothers 2000 and Son of the Mask. You should of just sent people to your reviews of them.

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