Top 12 Christmas Commercials

Nostalgic commercials are back, and we’re looking at the Top 12 best Christmas ones, old and new!

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  1. I remember that angel sanctuary inspired coffee commercial.

  2. YES! HE USED THE ONE I SUGGESTED (#2). Though I’m sure I’m nowhere near the only one to do so!

  3. The mom of the Folger’s guy is my coworker. She had no clue about the implied incest until we showed her some of the parodies.

  4. Am I the only one who finds the Folger’s commercial charming? Seriously, I never picked up on the incestuous tones until Doug mentioned it. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I can relate to the sister’s excitement about seeing her brother again (I’m always that excited about seeing family I haven’t seen in a while. Not in a creepy way or anything, it’s just I genuinely treasure my family, so when I get to see them when we’ve been separated for a while I get very happy :D). Also, Commercial One made me tear up a bit. This is honestly one of my favorite holiday stories of all time because it’s a true story and it’s a testament to the power of Christmas Spirit. It’s not about the commercialism and greed, it’s about kindness and peace towards all. Man, seeing all these ads again (and discovering some new ones too-that Snowman one had me laughing my ass off.) really did bring the nostalgia back full force 🙂

  5. Where the Hell was the Corona one with the palm trees!?

    Also kicking myself for forgetting the Cheerios and Kisses ones but I guessed a lot of the others.

  6. I honestly never saw the Folgers commercial a incestuous… until now anyway.

    Btw, am I the only one who found the Iron Bru ad just a tad mean spirited?

  7. IIRC the Christmas truce lasted up to a week in some places along the trenches

  8. The way the girl in the accidentally incestuous commercial says says “Sister!” was possibly supposed to mean “It’s me, your sister, silly!”, but it come across more like “Sister! You’re home!”. In fact, maybe that could have been because it was originally going to be another girl coming home in that commercial. That might have seemed slightly less incestuous. SLIGHTLY!

    I didn’t even pay much attention to the eyes of those creepy puppets. Hand puppets usually don’t have teeth. Especially not that realistic! I mean, when Grover put teeth in Kermit’s mouth to talk about them, it looked absolutely creepy!

  9. I think the apple is there as the cereal is “part of a nutritious breakfast” ie. sugary nothingness. My question is why are the cups of milk square?

  10. No, Doug, I refuse to ‘remember it together’–you remember it so we don’t have to!

  11. You’re all going to hate me, but I really don’t like that World War I chocolate ad. I’d even go so far as to call it wartime propaganda.

    Sure, the true story is amazing. But the amazing part about it is how senseless and bizarre the whole thing was.

    For one day, young men from both sides of the trenches gave up their conflict and saw each other as real people, each of them as alive and human as the next.

    And then once it was over they went and murdered each other by the thousands again.

    What in the hell was wrong with these people?! How could they?

    It’s one thing fighting a faceless enemy at a thousand yards. It’s awful, but it’s not that hard to see how people cope with it psychologically.

    But how could you drop bombs and poison gas on one another with the memory of the previous day’s friendship still fresh and dewy in your memory? How could you remember the smiling face of a man you shared a day’s fraternization with and then run him through with a bayonet a week later?

    And all for the sake of one of history’s most senseless and ultimately meaningless wars.

    We shouldn’t find this story touching. We should find it incredibly disturbing, the ultimate testament to how dehumanizing and soulless military apparatus really are, and how horrifyingly easily it can override what should be the most powerful emotional idioms.

    And we sure as hell shouldn’t be selling chocolate off of it!

    • You do realize that if any soldier rebelled against their commanders, they would have been shot?

    • You’d prefer it if they refused to fight and gotten jailed or executed for disobeying orders?

    • I sometimes feel the same way in general. I mean I LOVE Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday, my favorite day of the year. But…if everyone is so nice and sweet and happy to see each other that ONE day…why do we have to do back the way we were the very next day? If just for one day we can stop bullying, be nice to each other, put aside our differences…why not do it the next day…and the day after that…and the day after that? I know it’s a holiday…but why can’t we all act that same way all the time?

  12. I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t include the Folger’s commercial from the early 80’s where the son comes home from college, enters the house quietly and wakes up his parents with the smell of brewing coffee, and there’s a tearful reunion.
    It’s cheesy but I’ll be damned if it didn’t used to make me tear up a little.

    EDIT – Had to find and watch it, so here’s a link:


    This was always my favorite. The Christmas runaway.

  14. Since you added the Irn Bru one, I almost expected you to add the “creepy old man living on the moon peeping on a little kid’s bedroom” commercial from John Lewis last year.

    Besides, when you take the slightly creepy vibe out of it, it’s actually really sweet, too.

  15. I wish you had mentioned the one from H&M that just came out recently. It was directed by freaking Wes Anderson!

  16. Those stockings in the background are really bugging me. Why are some of them repeated? Why are some letters outright skipped!? WHAT ILLUMINATI MESSAGE IS HE TRYING TO SEEEEENNNNNDDDDD???

  17. Wow. Commericals so soon. O.O I’ve never seen the original Snowman short. I remember the Folgers commercial but I never saw the incest part until you put that chicka-wow-wow music in there. OH MY. Although, I don’t remember the creepy dog puppet commercial, the McDonalds commercial, or Cheerio commercial. Also, I’ve only seen your number 1 commerical once. One last thing: The Frankenstein, Kisses, and M&M commercial always confuses me.

  18. Oreimo is proudly sponsored by- Foldgers!

  19. I teared up every year the Pepsi Christmas Bunny commercial was shown.

  20. I bet my life that this video offended muslims :))

  21. Fred giving Santa Claus the apple.
    You have to remember that the cereal was always advertised as “Part of a balanced breakfast” which often was pictured along toast, juice, a piece of fruit… You know, an actual breakfast.

  22. It’s a shame not everyone in the UK liked the WW1 advert. All I kept seeing on social media was hatred of its sentimental exploitation just to promote a supermarket, especially through a portrayal of a wartime event. I’m pleased you saw the good side of it.

  23. Aww, I love the Frankenstein Monster Apple commercial. I’m usually a purist for the literary version but I know many wouldn’t recognize that one (See the Penny Dreadful boards). But that commercial did a good job of merging the archetype version and the literary version.

  24. Aww. “Let’s Remember it together” is such a sweet change for the closing.

  25. Dough what the hell did you think with the screams in the Folgers commercial?

    Let’s say it the commercial had been similar but it had been two guys who were in fact a couple. IF i had made a video with a disgusted reaction and screams at the mere idea that two people of the same gender could love each other i would have been screamed of the internet.

    We have accepted that a person can love who they want and what two consenting adults do in their bedroom is their business. However when there is a hint of incest all that goes out the windows, then it’s unnatural and disgusting again.

    Some people will say it’s not a big deal and that you don’t pick sides but imagine again if it had been implied homosexuality, could you really have edited it like that with a good conscience?

    • The Real Silverstar

      It was just a joke, and he never said anything about homosexuals. Relax.

      BTW, the man’s name is Doug, not Dough. Dough is what you use to make bread and assorted baked goods.

    • First, the man’s name is Doug. “dough” is an item that’s used to make baked goods.

      Second, the Folgers wasn’t intended to be incestious; many viewers just saw it that way, and Doug joked about the viewers’ reaction.

      Third, I hope that you’re not seriously comparing incest with homosexuality, because there’s a HUGE difference with being in love with someone of the same gender as you and wanting to bang your sibling.

      Fourth, it’s a comedy video with no intention meant other than to be funny. If you don’t see the humor in it, then perhaps you need to develop a sense of humor yourself. Everything doesn’t have a subtext or an agenda. Sometimes entertainment is just that: entertainment. Kindly get off of your soapbox and relax a little.

  26. go doug and appetize apple for us!

  27. I really enjoyed this video, but honestly, I’d be lying if I wasn’t disappointed to see a few commercials you’ve already talked about before when there are so many more that could be highlighted.

    Personal favourite one not on this list though has to be this one about a boy and his adorable penguin:
    That HAS to be one of the most amazingly adorable Christmas commercials ever made.

    Still, I think the video was good despite that, most of the jokes hit, and yeah that ad by Sainsbury’s at the end is definitely one to be admired for its complexity and artistry.

  28. The best part of waking up, is incest in your cup!
    As the saying goes.

  29. Eh, I know this is going to get me lots of down votes, but the first commercial, while really well done and funny, does seem a little mean-spirited to me. “The Snowman” is such a touching and unpretentious piece of animation, and I could certainly understand using it as inspiration to produce a cutesy and sweet festive commercial similar in tone to Coca-Cola’s or Campbell’s, but to take that particular story and rewrite the Snowman to be a child-murdering prick seems kinda tacky, no? Or, if you want a Christmas ad with a bit of an edge, base it on a piece of Christmas pop culture that’s a bit more cynical in tone.

  30. I’m glad the Amazon commercial got a mention, though the actual payoff is what makes it. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it but it manages to be humorous and touching at the same time.

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