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There are some people out there who do not like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Here’s why I find their reasoning incomprehensible. WARNING: SPOILERS!

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  1. I agree with everything you said except that Rogue 1 was meh. I loved Rogue 1 myself. But everything else you said needs to be heard. I liked this movie pretty well.

  2. Completely agree. And though I thought the “super” Leia bit was a little jarring at first, it didn’t bother me because I figured she would have had a good 40 years to figure out how to harness the Force herself.
    And honestly, Luke with the astral projection was my favorite part of the whole movie! I figured out that was going on even before it was revealed anyway. His projection looked a little younger with the brown beard and he wasn’t making footprints in the red sand. Made sense to me. Besides, if ‘ghost-Yoda’ can hit Luke over the head, why would projection be so far-fetched!

  3. For me what bothered me about the Poe Dameron/Holdo thing wasn’t “Oh noes! The young rebellious rebel man should be right and the old purple haired lady should be wrong!”

    It was “Poe is going to his commanding officer for some kind of reassurance. He is ready to follow orders. She tells him nothing and he gets worried that at first their is no plan and then that the plan she comes up with is going to get everyone killed.

    She was well aware of his nature. It shouldn’t have come as a shock that he tried to take matters into his own hands. It felt like ‘teaching Poe a lesson’ was made more important than ‘Making sure the plan goes off without a hitch and everyone gets to safety’.

    Also, Poe wasn’t the only one who ended up trying to mutiny. Obviously there was enough concern about what Holdo was (or wasn’t) doing that led others to get involved.”

    Sorry. Just had to say my piece on that. I for one LOVED the movie. I hope Luke comes back as a Force ghost. I have this image of him haunting Kylo Ren…maybe chasing him with lightning strikes…lol.

    • Oh, one more thing. As far as Rey’s parents go: I’m just SO glad they did say “Rey is related to Obi-wan because they both have a British accent!” I mean…accents aren’t genetic! XP I’m still surprised this was an actual theory.

  4. I loved The Last Jedi, but I have one big issue with it. And though I agree with you, it’s still Snoke.

    Here’s the thing : I like bait & switch villains. I loved Ironman 3 ! Here’s why it does really work here. Snoke was built as way too powerful. The intro scene where he Force attacks Hux through a hollogram while not being anywhere near the ship, connecting Rey & Ben throughout Space, controlling Ben the whole time….. That guy wasn’t just powerful, he was far beyond any power we’ve seen in the Star Wars movies so far ( and no, I know nothing about the Extended Universe, cannon or not ). That is too big a deal to be discarded without even an explaination. Who was he ? How did he become that strong ? WHAT DID HE WANT ? If they just answer that in some kind of novel or comics, I’m gonna be pissed.

    Here’s why I still think it could work : FAN THEORY TIME !
    Basically, to me, everything concords with this simple idea : Snoke is not dead.
    First, How ? : Easy, Snoke was so powerful, there two easy ways to explain it. The fist is : that guy wasn’t Snoke. It was just a puppet manipulated by Snoke. The fun thing with that option is that it offers the possibility of “the real villain was someone we knew the whole time”, though I don’t see who… ( with that said… wouldn’t it be fun if DJ was the dark master the whole time ? It kinda makes sense ). The second option is one that fits with the abilities introduced in this movie : Snoke was able to project his consciousness out of his body, and now lives in another body.
    Why I think it makes sense :
    First, as I said, if it’s not the case, killing Snoke like that is just plain incompetent storytelling.
    Second, That explains how much of an on-the-nose dumbass Snoke was in his final moments
    Third, the most relevant one : If I’m right, then Snoke just accomplished what Palpatine never could. Kylo Ren just “stroke him down with all of his anger”. He created himself the perfect little Dark Lord.

    Now on other levels : the reason why they made a big deal about Rey’s parentage was simply because it was a big deal to us. She wanted her parents to be important, she wanted her past to be a “Big Secret” like she originally told BB-8. Her arc for these first two movies was accepting that they weren’t, that she came from nothing and it was up to her to become someone on her own.

  5. About number 3. But he totally did! In New Hope Luke was a farmer who family was killed and so he start adventure to save princess because he feel connection to her. He train as Jedi in Empire but he didn’t finish his training, as he jump in action to save people he cared at that point. And find out that big bad guy is his own father. After that he try deal with that almost falling on dark side, but on end in Return of the Jedi it somehow worked. In original script he was meant to walk away dealing with his own darkness.. what he totally should do after losing father and only barely saving people he cared. Generally how he react in Last Jedi have totally a sense in context of everything, and I’m not sure what Marry Sue people expect him to be? Seriously? He was awesome in that movie!

  6. Only thing with Vice Admiral Holdo plan, she should not have kept the crew in the dark, that was stupid on her parth, of course Poe would resist that and try to find another path and try to mutineers.

  7. The whole holdo thing should have been fixed with one simple conversation that should have been implied to have happened:

    “Hey, we figured out how they’re tracking us through lightspeed.”
    “Oh, okay. Since we’ve now established it’s not someone acting as a mole, this is our plan.”

  8. Crossover Princess

    I just saw it today, and I enjoyed it big time, were there flaws, yeah… but I still loved it.

    Though I would have come up with a different answer to number 11:

    Matt the Radar Technician was right! Kylo Ren is shredded.

  9. I just saw the movie and the only thing that really bothered me was the hyperspace suicide move thing. If that’s possible, why didn’t they do it before in previous films, to severely damage the Death Star, or take out a Star Destroyer? Seems like you could just get a droid to pilot a big ship and have an impossible-to-dodge megabomb. Hell, why didn’t they do that in THIS movie, with one of the ships that was about to run out of fuel earlier, like the medical frigate? Or even if they didn’t, why didn’t they get a droid to pilot it instead of some poor sap who had to get blown up? They certainly don’t seem to treat droids as beings with rights equal to flesh-and-blood creatures.

  10. I absolutely loved this movie and consider it to be tied with ROTJ as the 3rd best Star Wars film (ESB #1 and ANH #2). I’ve spent hours debating friends and explaining why things that made no sense actually made plenty of sense. I think what helped me not get bent out of shape over the creative choices is actually my experience with the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Before the cannon diversion, I had read approximately 95% of the novels written (I wasn’t a fan of the prequel novels :p ). In reading those novels I have come across the awesome (anything written by Timothy Zahn or Karen Travis), to the average (Courtship of Princess Leia, NJO, and LOTF), and to the mediocre (Hive trilogy, Black Fleet Trilogy, and the like). I know what crappy Star Wars stories look like, I know what poorly written characters sound and act like, and I did not see that in The Last Jedi.

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