Top 13 MST3k – Familiar Faces

A list of some MST3k episodes that would make a great Halloween Marathon.

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Familiar Faces, the show that gives a second look at the underrated and forgotten characters from your favorites, new and old.


  1. The Undead has my favorite host segment of all time. “When the swallows come back to Capistrano…”

  2. Thanks for the nostalgia trip. I use to love that show in the 90s.

    Great list.

  3. I’m torn on Merlin’s Shop or Track of the Moon Beast for my favorite all time MST3K episode. Thank you for this, just revisiting the show clips alone was great 🙂

  4. The three prerequisites to be a Channel Awesome reviewer:

    1. You must love MST3K
    2. You must be a “Weird Al” fan
    3. You must have a neurotic cat that will interrupt your video postings.


    1:35 – *washes mouth out with soap a la Anamaniacs*

    It’s pronounced WARWILF! Pronounce it right!

    • Hobgoblins? That movie is so bad, even the Bots can’t make it watchable for me. Almost as bad as Garbage Pail Kids.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        For me the ones that even the MSTies can’t make enjoyable are The Starfighters, The Skydivers, and Monster A-Go-Go. Nothing happens in any of them. Frank Conniff wrote in the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide that they only did The Starfighters because they needed another show to fill out the season and all the other movies available were even worse. It’s hard to make nothing funny.

        • I also found Hobgoblins much easier to sit through than The Skydivers or Monster A-Go-Go (have yet to see the one with The Starfighter). I know this jokes been done, but it bares repeating: they both give Seinfeld a running for being “about nothing.” At least Hobgoblins could make me laugh on it’s own at times with the out of nowhere yard fight and goofy out of place sound effects.

  6. Snorgatch Pandalume

    My wife and I watched MST3K’s Bride of the Monster tonight because of this list and had a great time. Thank you.

  7. Pretty good list, except for the Undead…that’s one of my least favorite episodes.

    Manos must have at least an honorable mention…check!

    I would have put Devil Doll in there, or maybe Squirm, or the Brain/Head that Wouldn’t Die.

  8. Here’s an idea for a video:

    The top ten BEST actual MOVIES (not episodes) riffed on MST3K.

    Some suggestions…

    Phantom Planet – seems like a generic drive in era sci-fi movie, but if you look at it a little more closely it has an interesting ending that leaves it up to the viewer to decide what was real and what wasn’t.

    Daddy-O – It’s so late 1950’s rockabilly era camp it’s kind of a delight. It has a coherent plot and the acting isn’t that bad as well. A relic for sure, but playfully cheesy.

    The Girl in Lover’s Lane – Okay, so in modern times the applied gay subtext is humorous, but it’s not that bad of a movie about living your life VS running away from it. The acting isn’t bad, and there’s a few genuinely emotional moments.

    Danger Diabolik – A trippy heist thriller about a rogue-ish master thief and his sexy assistant and lover. It has a great soundtrack and oozes 1960s jet-set style. Of course Diabolik’s inspector nemesis is a bit of a dud.

  9. Oh, right, its Halloween; The one time of year I can actually expect to see you post a video.

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