Top 25 Anime Films You Must See – Animerica

JT Kamp joins Will Ryan for one final round of Animerica Top 25. This time, it’s all about the best anime films you can’t afford to miss!

Redline Review (Animerica Season 3 Premiere)

Summer Wars Review (Animerica Season 2 Premiere)

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Isn’t Ayakashi Bakeneko the last three episodes of the anime series? Other than that, great list otherwise :). I seriously have to see a lot of these films as I’ve only seen a few of them (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Milleninum Actress, and Your Name being my top priorities at the moment. Can’t wait for April 7th! :D). I don’t know if I really have the stomach to watch Akira. I’ve listened to the soundtrack a lot and I will never ever deny the significance the film had on the anime industry (trust me, while there is one… Read more »

I do not care for #1. I respect the artistic and industry accomplishments behind it.

I do not like the story. It is obtuse and goes on forever.


You forgot Tom and Jerry, bro.

Totally agree with your #1 pick. Along with Ninja Scroll, it’s one of the films that initially got me into anime. I’m glad you mentioned Street Fighter the Animated Movie as well, total 90s cheese, but it’s fucking great for what it is. Another film that’s in a similar category that I’m somewhat surprised you didn’t mention is the original Fist of the North Star from 1986. Although, I suppose it’s more of a guilty pleasure than something that belongs on a best of list. Post apocalyptic mad max jesus, punches people so hard their heads explode, what’s not to… Read more »
Neo Ultra Mike
Really solid review though the thing I most take away from this one is that though I do appreciate Will’s solo reviews and this one points out since he doesn’t have another job at the moment he has more time for the reviews, the comedy of Animerica works best when there are two people. As Will and JT have some incredibly killer chemistry here. Seriously the pacing of JT’s obviously terrible puns and Will’s pissed off reaction each and every time were perfect as well as stuff like Will not letting the next movie play when JT tried ending a… Read more »

Wow, thank you very much for the kind words! And thank you for the recommendations – we look forward to coming back to these Top lists in the future.

I may be late to comment, but all 3 of your “Top 25” reviews are the best. After watching one anime, I feel you missed one for “Never Watch”, and that’s the Rewrite anime. It pisses me off because I have to see what they do with it, because I am in love with the vn it came from, the visuals, characters, story, overall atmosphere and the music from that vn. Sadly, it paces horribly, and fails as an adaptation because of its “added route” that they shoved into the anime, which forces itself and retcons everything we actually enjoyed… Read more »

Akira isn’t worth the watch anymore. If you care about the history of anime, then sure but then you might as well watch Urotsukidōji given it’s incredible importance to the culture and anime’s reputation in the west. Do yourself a favor and read Akira’s manga, which is infinitely better.

That aside, also worth recommending are Jin-Roh, Genius Party Vol 1 and 2, Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion(only if you’ve watched the show first), End of Evangelion(same restriction), Kara no Kyokai(technically a series of movies but if Berserk counts then so does this), Voices of a Distant Star, and the Animatrix.