Top 3 Worst Lyrics of July 2017 (Drake/Fetty Wap/iLoveMemphis) – Rap Critic

This month, we look at bad lyrics from Drake and Lil Wayne’s HYFR, Fetty Wap’s My Way, and iLoveMemphis’ Hit the Quan.

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  1. That Drake song is cracking me up. Drake is starting to go down hill in my opinion. Also, about the “Hit the Quan”… so history has repeated itself since I was getting major old school Soulja Boy vibes.

  2. 2:50 – “He ain’t never take you out”
    This line indicates he’s gaining favor with the girl by pointing out the flaws with her current boyfriend. Except the double negative means he does take her out so he’s just saying that’s she’s already seeing someone without mentioning anything about this other person or the quality of their relationship. Unless it’s the old English usage of the double negative which is an emphasis, which means he takes her a lot.

    3:50 – A man with one eye can blink. It is an involuntary rapid closing and reopening of the eye. However, a wink from a man with one eye (voluntary rapid closing and reopening of the eye independently from another eye) would be mistaken for a blink.

    It’s not clear what the correlation is between drinking whiskey and the need to blink. Or what bragging rights there are to gain in overcoming a whiskey induced need to blink.

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