Top 5 Amiibo Problems – Il Neige

Every collection comes with it’s own set of horror stories. Tales of woe, written in blood, sweat, and obscenely high credit card bills. As a Nintendo fan, Il Neige knows this all too well, which is why he’s counting down the top 5 biggest Amiibo problems.

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  1. Should’ve called this Top 5 Amiibo Woes.

  2. Great video that tells the truth, Il Neige. I have around 25 or so Amiibos and I’m so burned out on collecting them that I haven’t bothered since the spring.

    I admit I was incredibly desperate to get the Little Mac amiibo when it was hard to find that I paid about $90 for it from a friend and now it’s down to $25 or so on eBay.

    Plus I haven’t touched Smash Bros or my Wii U for a long time aside from Mario Maker, so I think I may just stop collecting them at this point.

  3. Wait. You have a girlfriend?

  4. So. Much. Truth.

  5. I think what you outlined in #5 is that thin line Nintendo has to walk between “locking content behind a figure” and making it worthwhile to actually own the figures.

    One thing I think you were unfair on:

    The thing about the Hyrule Warrios spinner…is that it’s a bonus. You don’t need it to beat the game, and at the same time you can buy the Amiibo to function in Smash, Super Mario Maker, or Mario Kart 8, it’s not only for Hyrule Warriors.

    I do agree that the “god mode” for games like Yoshi, Kirby, and Chibi Robo is not a particularly interesting or good use for an Amiibo however.

  6. I shelled out a lot of money for the system back in may cause I got the splatoon system bundle at best buy (luckily the last one!) but for the life of me I can’t find any of the 3 packs on any retailer that has amiibo. Closest I found was the 3 pack for $80 or so at amazon a couple months back…I finally decided to say screw it and I’m just gonna import the squid for the holidays and get the boy and girl later on, cause this is a real nightmare to get.

    I haven’t gotten smash 4 wii-u yet (or the new 3ds, or the nfc reader…) but that’s gonna be the other game I go for before really buying amiibo. That whole training your fighter thing is an amazing concept, and I want to go to a tournament to have mine fight and get at least a couple wins

  7. Why do guys always go for girls who hate their hobbies and then act surprised that the girl who obviously hates your hobby…..hates your hobby? (The girl wearing the Pikachu hat is more your speed. Duh.)

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