Top 5 Best 90’s Nicktoons

Walter gives you his Top 5 picks for the BEST 90’s Nicktoons. Do the classics like: Doug, Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Spongebob make it? Watch to find out.

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  1. I was born in the late 90’s but I still remember most of these. ^.^ I never watched KaBlam but I remember seeing some of these skits that would act as commercials or something. I loved Doug but I think I only saw it when it was on Disney. Personally, I think that EARLY Spongebob deserves to be number one on this list. Spongebob was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Yep, I loved Rugrats but I don’t know why. I never liked Rocko’s Modern Life or the Angry Beavers. I don’t remember Oh Yeah! Cartoons. I’m glad/surprised that you had Hey Arnold! as the best. I thought you were going to do Ren and Stimpy or something.

  2. lilith_ascennding

    I was born in ’93 but I didn’t have cable growing up, so I had to rely on weekend rebroadcasts, video rental stores, and other friends with cable TV to watch a lot of these “iconic” 90’s cartoons. That being said, the ones I do remember loving the most as a kid were Rugrats and Doug. I don’t know why I loved Doug so much, but I really, REALLY loved that cartoon. Hey Arnold! is definitely a cartoon I’d like to revisit since I only found that one to be okay as a kid but might get more out of now. Spongebob was actually another show that I loved growing up, even if I didn’t really discover it until middle school. I drove my little sister crazy by making her sing the theme song and the Fun song every night before we went to sleep XD. I’ve only seen a few episodes of Angry Beavers and I watched those in a high school history class (think my teacher let us watch it on chill days?). The one that I’m a little surprised to see didn’t make the list is The Wild Thornberrys. Again, didn’t see a lot of episodes for this show, but the ones I did stuck with me. Tim Curry as Nigel Thornberry is gold. Also, it probably helped that it was a show all about a quirky girl who could talk to animals and I found Eliza to be very relatable (seeing as I am also an awkward girl with a great fondness for animals).

  3. The Real Silverstar

    I was already an adult in ’91, so I have no nostalgic fondness for the Nicktoons, but nonetheless I’m an animation geek and I have a younger brother, so I caught a lot of these shows.

    IMO, Rocko’s Modern Life was not only THE best Nicktoon, but the single best thing Nickelodeon has ever put on the air. Period. It was like a modern-day Looney Tunes, and I love me some Looney Tunes. Rocko was was the only Nicktoon I’d place in the above average category; the rest I either thought were middling to just OK (e.g. KaBlam! or Angry Beavers) or just weren’t my jam (Doug, Hey, Arnold! and pretty much all of the Klasky/Csupo shows). I know a LOT people loved those Nicktoons, but they never did anything for me. In fact, Hey, Arnold! actually annoyed me; I had to stop watching it after a while.

  4. This is an unpopular opinion, but I personally have never liked Rugrats. The only thing that I liked about that show was for once there was a cartoon in which the protagonists were humans, not talking animals or monsters. I found the humor to be mediocre, the constant poop jokes to cheap and desperate and many of the characters (especially Angelica, a character that I hate with a passion) to be annoying.

    Rocko’s Modern Life was the only Nicktoon that I thought was more than just OK (although Kablam! had it’s moments). The rest of them I could either choose to watch or not watch. I’m not saying that they weren’t anyone’s idea of entertainment; they just weren’t mine. Mind you, I was already an adult in 1991, so maybe I’m just too old to have any sort of nostalgic fondness for them.

    • To be fair, I think if there’s one instance where poop jokes are excusable, is when you are talking about toddlers and babies. Pooping is literally one of the most important events of their day. It is traumatic and relieving. And learning about it is part of growing up, likewise worrying about it is part of of a toddler’s life. Especially when they are learning to leave the diapers. At least for me it would be very odd for characters who literally wear diapers 24/7 to never even touch the subject.

      Rocko, however, was always too brilliant for its own sake. Ren & Stimpy was crude for the sake of being crude. Rocko taught how much life can crush you under its weight. It always saddened me that Ren & Stimpy was the toon everybody remembers while Rocko was mostly forgotten. Probably the best episode of Rocko was when mr. Bighead started being promoted to the top of his company thanks to a magic 8 ball. Even though in the episode the ball was sorta actually magic, it always seemed to me like a life-lesson on how the people on top are there mostly by dumb luck.

  5. Wow! I almost forgot about Kablam! That was one of my favorite Nick shows back in the day.

  6. For me Rocko’s Modern Life will always be the #1 nicktoon. It was like The Simpsons on steroids when it came to satirize modern day life and the hypocrisies as well as ironies we all face day to day. Things that at the time were mere exaggerations became the norm, like the way the cinema nowadays seems more interested in showing you commercials than the movie itself and how airport security is completely overblown (quite frankly, I don’t think 9/11 can be blamed for all of it. We were already heading that direction before the event. At best, it was a catalyst)

    When you watch these episodes today, if it wasn’t for the telltale sign that no-one has cellphones and that unique 90’s animation grain and style, you’d swear it was created today.

  7. I must say, I never heard of the #5 before now.

  8. You’re a dead man Walter! or at least fired.

  9. Walter Banasiak for praising the Nicktoon Doug, how are you still alive with a career. Your slightly mad boss might have your head for this or curse you out bigtime that you will wish you weren’t born. I’ll pray you’ll survive. And I think you got it backwards in your description of Squidward as being “irritable” instead of a “unappreciated artist and failed to hated clarinet player.”

  10. Daniel Brizuela

    Good old nostalgia.

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