Top 5 Best Adam Sandler Performances

Walter gives you his picks for Adam Sandlers best performances.

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  1. His best performance will be in at his own funeral.

  2. I enjoyed him in Bulletproof. Damon Wayans and him (from two different skit shows of the time) made a great team up. It made me wish there were more team ups between In Living Color & SNL actors. I mean, how awesome would a Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler team up be. Sure not great, but entertaining in the least.

  3. Personally, I’m most impressed with actors who can completely erase their own identity and become another person. On the one hand, you have your actors with great screen presence, like Will Smith or Bruce Willis, who just act naturally. On the other, you have chameleons like Mike Meyers, Peter Sellers or Jim Varney, who can make you forget you’re looking at a famous movie star.

    In only one movie did Adam Sandler make me forget who I was watching on the screen: You Can’t Touch the Zohan. Not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but an incredible transformation nonetheless.

  4. I’ve never heard of Spanglish or Big Daddy. I don’t like Click. Ugh. Although, I’ll admit I want that remote. I’ve never seen The Wedding Singer, Punch Drunk Love, Happy Gilmore, or Rain Over Me. Personally, I think his best performance is in 50 First Dates. However, that may be because it’s my favorite Adam Sandler movie.

  5. Nothing against Walter, but I refuse to watch these as long as they refuse to separate you guys out, even if the title appeals to me.

    And, no, it doesn’t matter to me if Walter is okay with it. It’ just makes organization crap. Everything gets all mixed up. I can’t see what your previous video was, since it’s Awesome Comics and Tamara’s Never Seen mixed in.

    Those should all be separate.

  6. You’re actually praising him? No Internet critic likes or loves or even finds anything good in Sandler, ever.

  7. Walter you’re going to get a ton of hate mail, maybe even two. Everybody knows that Adam Sandler is the most cliched, talentless, unfunny, stereotypical, worst American-Jewish comedian ever! And I’m saying that as a Russian-Jew. Seriously What the f… a-hole? I’m afraid for you and your judgement Mr. Banasiak.

    • Never say everybody about an opinion, and calling Walter an asshole just because he likes some of Adam Sandlers movies, really? I know for a fact that there are plenty of internet critics who like some of Sandlers stuff.

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