Top 5 Best Batman Animated Movies

Walter gives you his picks for Top 5 Best Batman Animated Movies. Did your favorite animated Batman movie make the cut?

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  1. My top picks:

    1. Under the Red Hood.
    2. Mask of the Phantasm.
    3. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

    Interesting fact: in the film, the “Phantasm” is never once referred to by that name. Instead, the villain is always referred to as “The Angel of Death.” Actually, I prefer the latter moniker.

    By the way, all three of these films have a lot of things in common: they all feature Bruce having to go up against someone he really cares about.

  2. Batman and Harley Quinn movie
    What can I say about it? ……. O_O;
    I think the movie was more based on the Harley Quinn comics. I never read her comics, but from what I was told, its like the Deadpool comics. Plus, I can’t help feel that we just watched a movie that is playing in Harley’s imagination/fantasy.

    I’ll place a list of thoughts about the movie:

    – I’m happy to see the return of the Batman animated series art style from the 90’s. It warms the nostalgia heart. Plus, gotta see some background thugs we saw in the past series in one place.

    – A nice moment of a social commentary on the struggles of ex-criminals finding a normal job. Gotta love those questions on job applications that asks if ever been arrested and if so, what for?

    – Night Wing and Harley…. O_o;

    – The interaction between Batman and Harley is great. Just seeing Batman once again put up with Harley’s antics.

    – I did laugh at parts of the movie. Just in general, I must be one of the few that cut loose and had fun with this movie.

    – OoO An actual funny fart joke?!?! (SPOILER) I can cheer that a movie showed that pretty girls can fart too.

    – The ending. I’m not going to spoiling anything. Its just, what the hell did I just watch???? I just wish the ending was something different. But after that ending, it puts more weight on my theory that we are diving into Harley’s fantasy. Its like a fanfic.

  3. Jensen Ackles was great as Jason/Red-Hood. He pulled it off perfectly. It’s too bad you didn’t mention him in the video.

  4. I’ve only seen The Lego Batman movie so that is my favorite by default. Haha. The Dark Knight Returns’ animation is annoying to me though.

  5. The Dark Knight Returns parts 1 and 2 are fine adaptations of the comic, but I’m really not a fan of the animation. There’s just something flat and drab about it. I guess they were trying to emulate the minimalist style and muted tones of the book, but it just comes across as uninspired. Just my opinion tho.

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