Top 5 Best Beast Wars Episodes

Walter gives his picks for Top 5 Best episodes of Beast Wars. Did your favorite make the list? Find out now!

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  1. Alaster Boneman

    sigh I had that dragon magatron toy sadly it got super brocken over the years

  2. I never saw Beast Wars but I didn’t know that it had anything to do with Transformers. Although, the animation is annoying me.

  3. Transmutate also affected me in a deep way. That episode kind of scarred me. I mean, I was a kid, but I never really dealt with a disabled person, but whatever Transmutate was terrified me to a very deep level in a very, very sad way.

    Though a few of my favorite episodes are the ones where Rattrap could shine. He was a maximal, one of the good guys, but he was an infiltrator and saboteur. I loved him because it called back to D&D and how a balanced party needs a rogue to deal in subterfuge and the series acknowledged it. This is war. Someone like him is needed.

    Heck, he convincingly acts as double agent TWICE in the series despite being the most loyal Maximal (loyal to the cause, if not to Optimus).

  4. As huge Dinobot fan to me Code of Hero is easily best Beast Wars episode. Sure he dies in it but he way he dies is glorious as he did go down as bad ass warrior protecting others. It really showed his best side.

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