Top 5 Best Denzel Washington Performances

It’s almost impossible to make a Top 5 Best for Denzel Washington. This iconic actor has stared in countless hits like: Glory, American Gangster, Training Day, and his newest hit, Fences. Walter somehow narrows it down and gives you his picks for this weeks Top 5.

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  1. I haven’t seen enough of his movies to have a Top 5. Instead, I have a top 2. 1. The Magnificent Seven. and 2. Unstoppable. LOL. I forgot he played Malcolm X. I’ve never seen The Hurricane, Flight, Fences, Remember the Titans, Glory, Cry Freedom, John Q., American Gangster, or Training Day. Now I know where the “King Kong” quote comes from. O.O

  2. Walter, cover Anton Yelchin next, his birthday would be in a month, he was an awesome actor having both good and bad movies/roles and a one who deserves to be mentioned more often and remembered longer.

    Denzel was pretty good in Fallen also.

  3. Daniel Brizuela

    I enjoyed Denzel in Book of Eli and Safe House.

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