Top 5 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes

To celebrate TEN YEARS of the Nostalgia Critic, Walter counts down the Top 5 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes voted on by the fans.

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  1. It’s SAH-Kuh, not SOH-kuh, Malcom!!!

  2. “Schindler’s List”? They reviewed that? It’s not on the site here…or on Google.

  3. The Room is perfect.

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    But, but, but Rob’s a dinosaur! He’s a dinosaur!

  5. I did not know NC started on my 19th birthday

  6. It’s kinda depressing how almost none of the old episodes made the list, meaning that most of today’s viewers aren’t the ones who were here 10 years ago.

    My favorites are still the very first ones. I still remember the Cloverfield review.. it’s basically the “old Youtube” in a nutshell. Short, cheap, amateurish, so low-res the pixels are cutting your eyes – yet spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic as all hell.

  7. lilith_ascennding

    While I do like a lot of the reviews in the Top 5, I’m surprised that some of his more classic episodes didn’t make the list like the two Animated Titanic Movies, Dungeons and Dragons, the Care Bears movies or even Ponyo (which I know isn’t that old, but it was back when Doug did videos by himself). Of the newer ones, I’m also a huge fan of the reviews of Signs, Lady in the Water, Les Miserables, and The Shining. I also enjoyed the reviews of Princess Diaries 2, Face/Off, The Wicker Man, The Happening, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, and the Commercials videos. I find myself quoting a lot of the reviews with my friends and sometimes in random conversations. I was fortunate enough to meet Doug and Rob at Zenkaikon in 2015 and to get my Ponyo DVD cover signed by them (Thanks to Rob, Ponyo will always ask for her ham. And you better bring it :p). I have made many friends and found many wonderful(ly bad) movies as well as getting a chance to revisit films from my own childhood (yeah, I actually watched Blank Check among other films.) My friends and I would spend weekends streaming films like Dungeons and Dragons, The Room, and The Langoliers miniseries and laughing our asses off at how bizarre they were. So what I guess I’m trying to say is, I’m so glad that the Nostalgia Critic is around. Cliche as it may sound, my life truly has changed for the better because of him.

    • When I voted, many of the ones I had shortlisted weren’t available to pick. I don’t know if there was an early vote to narrow the field or if this was a rights thing and they put up only the ones that would pass the sniff test.

  8. Yay! Moulin Rouge made it! For all of the effort that went into that review, and how well the end product came out, I’m glad that it was enjoyed so much!

  9. My top five are: 1. Gordy, 2. Son of the Mask, 3. Moulin Rogue, 4. The Second Animated Titanic Movie and 5. The Room. Only two of my favorites made it in. Haha. Also, I didn’t realize that so many people actually liked the clip-less reviews. Well to each their own.

  10. I was hoping The Room would be on the list, but number 1? Props to the voters.

  11. I have so many favorite NC episodes. It was hard to pick which one. However, I do appreciate the ones selected for the list. Happy 10 years to the Nostalgia Critic!

  12. fuck the walkers and mike michaud they dont give a shit about anyone i look forward to the day the site loses all its producers and all they have is the kiss ass linkara they just ignore all the producers

    • I won’t go that far, but based on some of the things I’ve heard I believe there needs to be some major changes with the way the site is run. Lots of people have left in the last three years and poor management takes a big part of the blame.
      It’s about time Channel Awesome got its act together.

  13. Space Jam review way back when made me a fan. Thanks for the years of laughs you magnificent maniacs.

  14. Psychic Squidward

    10 years later, still making people around the world laugh. Congratulations to Doug and the rest of Channel Awesome.

  15. The best was the Animaniacs episode.

  16. The first one I watched was the first animated Titanic. I think the second one was probably The Room. Still having a great time watching the show.

  17. You’re just kind of too talented Doug and Rob and your creative crew and producers and company managers past and present.

  18. Too talented for the Internet alone in my still honest opinion.

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