Top 5 Best Ridley Scott Movies

Walter gives you his Top 5 picks for Ridley Scott’s best movies. Did your favorite make the list?

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    2:25 – “Alienate the viewer.” BOOO HISSSS BOOO!

  2. I’ve never seen any of these movies except the Martian. I liked the Martian. That’s the only Ridley Scott movie I’ve ever seen in fact.

  3. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Well, the function of lists like this is to start arguments, so I’ll oblige.
    Bladerunner only gets an honorable mention? Are you fucking kidding me? Bladerunner is one of the most influential movies of the past half century. Its look has been copied countless times, and it is full of symbolism and allegories about what it means to be human. It is far deeper and more profound than Gladiator, which is basically just a simple revenge story.

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