Top 5 Best Stan Lee Cameos

Walter is joined by some special guests to count down Stan Lee’s best cameos. Did your favorite cameo make the list?

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  1. Alaster Boneman

    May Stan the man lee ride eternal shiny and chrome

  2. lilith_ascennding

    These are all good cameos! My favorite will always be his cameo in Deadpool. Seeing Stan Lee as a DJ in a strip club caught me off guard when I first saw the movie and I still laugh as hard now as I did then at this cameo. God bless this incredible man.

  3. Ay! The gang came back. I didn’t realize these Channel Awesome-based shows has such great continuity. I agree with all of these except for the Deadpool one and I would replace Spider Man TAS with the Drake Bell one (Stan Lee was a janitor). I’ve seen 98% of the movies/shows you mentioned.

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    For years, I’ve been complaining about the lack of a Reb Brown cameo in the MCU. But as it turns out, Reb Brown WAS in The First Avenger: he’s seated right next to General Stan at the medal ceremony that Cap is a no-show for.

  5. Decent list, but bit of a fail on the Fantastic Four front: Stan Lee actually reprised his cameo from The FF Annual 3 comic, where he and Jack Kirby were also refused entry as they were not on the list for Sue and Reed’s wedding.

  6. Rob Liefeld also cameo in the “Deadpool” movie as a patron in Wesley’s Bar. Not as good as Stan Lee the DJ for a Strip Club good, but it was nice having one of the creators himself in his superheroe’s own movie.

  7. Stan as mayor of superhero city in super hero squad is the best because he recurring plus they some time where get be awesome

  8. the GOTG 2 cameo is also my favorite, but I’m also pretty partial to his cameo in Iron Man where Tony Stark mistakes him for Hugh Hephner.

  9. How the hell is the “Captain America: Civil War” cameo not #1?! Great video otherwise. 🙂

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