Top 5 Best Star Wars Prequel Moments

The prequel some good moments, right? Walter gives you his picks for Top 5 Best Star Wars Prequel Moments.

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  1. I’d agree with most of that list.

    The battle with Count Duku on the star cruiser at the beginning of the third film would be a pretty good pick, but I actually agree with your #3 as my #1 pick.

    I really liked how it mirrored the conclusion of Return of the Jedi with the fate of the Galaxy coming down to a duel between a father and son, and a master and student.

    While Hayden Christiansen is largely unlikable with terrible material to work with through most of the prequels, his rage seems so legitimate in this scene. He’s like a feral child lashing out impotently as he’s racked with pain and losing everything. His final scene at least…is a good one.

  2. The best prequel scene is The Duel of Fates scene. Ironically, it’s the best scene in the prequels to me but I have to survive Episode I to get that great scene. The second best is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Episode III monologue. The third best is the Darth Plagueis scene. The fourth best is the Death Sticks scene. The fifth best is Padme and Anakin’s wedding. I don’t know why but it’s such a peaceful scene to me.

  3. Best prequel moment is the Clone Wars aka the end of episode II and the start of III, this finally put the Wars into Star Wars! I always loved the ground and space battle from Jedi and really hoped that the prequels were going to bring more of this. Most of the prequel films range from mediocre to truly terrible ad the CGI is starting to show its age, but I still love these battle scenes.

  4. I love the prequels and Episode 1 is my favorite movie. The Disney trilogy sucks ass.

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