Top 5 Best Tom Cruise Performances

Show me the Top 5 best Tom Cruise performances!

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  1. Maven of the Eventide

    No Interview with the Vampire?? You are dead to me now.

  2. ..not even an honorable mention for Magnolia?

  3. lilith_ascennding

    I’m surprised Charlie Babbit from Rain Man isn’t anywhere on the list. Tom Cruise was amazing in that movie. True, Dustin Hoffman stole the show for the most part, but Tom Cruise should be given credit for how much life and emotion he gave to his character (managed to make me and my mom cry at the end of the film).

  4. Why couldn’t have they called the movie “All You Need is Kill”? So much better than ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. And as always, the book is better than the movie.

    • The original title doesn’t make much sense either. I only read the manga, but from what I heard it follows the book very closely. I thought the original had tons of plot holes and didn’t have an appealing lead. The movie did a good job of fixing all of these issues and took the idea to the next level.
      I thought the movie was fantastic, but they could have made it more clear that it was an adaptation. They didn’t give the original much credit, which makes it seem like Hollywood is stealing from Japan again.

  5. Nice to see edge of tomorrow in the list, this is one of my favourite movies, but where is interview with the vampire (also one of my favourites)?
    The movie didn’t even get an honorable mention, which is a shame. I thought Tom Cruise as Lestat was his best and most iconic performance.

  6. I think Magnolia should have been on the list (or at least an honorable mention) and it’s a crime that Tropic Thunder was just an honorable mention. He stole that movie despite not being in it much.

  7. Damn that would make for an awesome movie. John Wick vs Vincent

  8. I have to say I do find it heartening to hear Cruise get honest recognition when it seems sometimes that it’s, umm, almost not allowed based on his less-than-stellar public image. Even my initial prejudice against him went away pretty fast once seeing that he clearly does put serious effort into his performances.

    As for my favorite, I’m going with Charlie Babbit. (Shoutout to lilith_ascennding down there!) Really turns in both the great outbursts of frustration and gradual subdued fading out of the dickhead in his character. He DEFINITELY gets some of the time funniest lines too.

  9. I guess my favorite would have to be him in Edge of Tomorrow. Yeah, Edge of Tomorrow, Tropic Thunder, and Mission Impossible 5: Ghost Protocol were really good. Plus, Tom Cruise is pretty hot. I’ve never seen Collateral, A Few Good Men, The Last Samurai, and Mission Impossible 3. I’ve never HEARD of Born on the Fourth of July. Also, I never knew where “You can’t handle the truth!” came from. O.O

  10. MI franchise? Really? I *hated* those movies and were a major reason I pretty much stopped watching Tom Cruise movies (War of the Worlds finished it for me.)

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