Top 5 Best Undertaker Matches

With the Undertaker most likely having his last match, now is the perfect time for Walter to give you his Top 5 Best Undertaker matches.

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  1. I prefer the tag team match of Undertaker and Triple of H VS Big show and Edge. That was awesome!

  2. I don’t follow wrestling at all so this was interesting. I’ve heard of the Undertaker but I know nothing about him besides the fact that he’s a wrestler.

  3. Acetylsalicilique

    Seriously ? You didn’t even MENTION the match vs. Edge at Summerslam 2008 ?

  4. I realize this isn’t a popular opinion but I feel Undertaker was overrated. Fans accepted his gimmick over the ages but I remember actively disliking and being bored by the ministry, the corporate ministry, and the American badass. Even the build up of most of his matches in the past 10 years have been weak beyond the great nostalgic feeling of seeing someone who barely shows up on tv.

    I think Undertaker is a GOOD wrestler who deserves the respect fans give him but I simply don’t view him among the all time best in the industry like many do. His WM streak is legit and created a great atmosphere to his matches but you could do that with ANY WWE Star and it accomplish the same thing.

    It may give some context to my opinion when I say I dislike the era of extending matches by 5+ minutes to just do endless finishers/reversals/counters/fake finishes. This has been a WM trope for at least a decade now and I feel it actively hurts all of these perceived classics. You can have effective false finishes but WM tends to take this to ludicrous degrees.

    • I think you are right… partly. Thing is… i doubt people are saying that he was a 5 star in-ring performer, but he was a very constant wrestler. He managed to stay always relevant, had an unique persona, and put some 5star caliber matches. Yeah, his beginnings and his lasts years were far from great… but as a whole, charisma + good rivalries + iconic moments and matches… no doubt he is going to be very well remembered.

  5. I eventually realized this was a wrestling video that doesn’t feature Spoony.

    • The first wrestling video I’ve seen in a while that did NOT feature Adam (Plumpy) Vs. (Other) Adam (WhatCulture), Brian Zane (Wrestling With Wregret), or Grim.

  6. So, given that he’s all-but-officially retired, anyone else think he’s a front-runner for next year’s Hall of Fame?

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