Top 5 Best/Worst The Room Moments

Oh Hai YouTube! Walter & Aiyanna give you their picks for Top 5 Best/Worst The Room moments.

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    This is a map of all the locations used in the filming of The Room. Sadly, the flower shop is no longer a flower shop. I think it’s supposed to be a cafe now? I got to visit San Francisco myself recently and while I really didn’t get a chance to see every location used in the film, the few places I did get to see made me happy (basically Guerrero Street and Golden Gate Park).

  2. Like Walter at the beginning of the video, I’ve never seen The Room either but yet I somehow know all the lines. Although, the spoon thing I only learned about a couple of years ago.

  3. 1) After watching the Nostalgia Critic review of this movie I refuse to watch the movie.

    2) Number one is funny because Tommy’s character could be talking to someone behind him but when he gets to the roof he is surprised that someone was listening to him talk to himself.

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