Top 5 Best WWE Finishers

Walter is back with Top 5 Best WWE Finishers. Do some of the classics like Triple H’s pedigree or Stone Cold’s stunner make the list? Watch to find out!

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  1. I loved the 90’s WWF/WWE, I was a total Kane fan and Undertaker but I always loved kane a little bit more because he didn’t need to talk and when he did it was EPIC. Disappointed the tombstone wasn’t on the list just an honorable mention. I always thought it looked so devastating. More wrestling videos!!

    • I was going to make pretty much the exact same comment!

      Loved Kane (even more than Undertaker), loved the chokeslam. I don’t think anyone has ever played the monster character as well as Kane in all of wrestling history. No matter how he was cast, he was never really a face or heel, just an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

  2. These are pretty cool, especially since I know nothing about the WWE.

  3. “I was F5ing all my cousins as a kid.”

    And yet you wonder why they banned the Curb Stomp?

  4. I genuinely like submissions despite the lack of any impact. Sharpshooter was my favorite for ages but I actually have to give the nod to Kurt Angle’s Ankle Lock these days.


    It’s a 2 stage finisher at times. First the crowd gets hyped when its performed and this alone can win the match. But if he ever grapevines the leg then its a whole new level of hype. The move just builds to such a satisfying end.

    I’m also partial to the Clothesline from Hell despite its mundane simplicity.

  5. The Death Valley Driver has always been a personal favorite

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