Top 5 Fallout 4 Mods (so far) – Yomarz

It’s been a week since Fallout 4 came out and people have already made hundreds of mods for you to play with. But which are the arbitrary best? Let’s totally find out, bruh!

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  1. Well at least the “touch of green” mod looks interesting.

  2. Where have you been?!

    I’ve logged about 40 hours since the launch date on the PS4 version and haven’t seen any interesting mods so far, although that touch of green mod looks interesting although it really doesn’t fit the fallout universe.

  3. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    Well I’m downloading the John cena one.

    • You’re a terrible person. Just like the guy who made the mod is, and in this instance Yomarz is for including it in the list. Also the guy who made the original two John Cena interruptions videos. All terrible people. I bet you guys like eating your nachos with french onion dip.

      I’m joking. In all seriousness though, the John Cena joke wasn’t funny from the beginning and petered out pretty quickly by the end of its first week. Hopping the bandwagon on this is just a bad choice at this point. Most of us are hoping it dies quickly.

      In other news, I’d like to see a mod where the music is replaced by something that’s actually funny, preferably something like the “Wah wha” trombone, or maybe the scene switching theme from Spongebob.

      • I agree ^ out of the 800+ mods he chose the retarded John Cena one. People really need to grow up. Society just gets more dumber and thinks really dumb things are funny since well, it’s not offensive.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Cool video the background music was catchy as well. It’s also funny cause at school today I just randomly said the John cena theme and now that it’s in one of those mods that’s pretty cool.

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