Top 5 Worst Adam Sandler Performances

Adam, what happened to you? Walter gives you his picks for Adam Sandler’s worst performances.

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  1. Oh my God, Jack and Jill is soooo the worst Adam Sandler performance. I had the misfortune of watching this movie at a Film Night in my university’s coffeehouse. I was hanging out with some friends when the movie started playing and we ended up sitting through the whole movie. My God, it is by far the worst film I have ever seen. At least Birdemic and The Room were redeemable with their humor. This movie is nothing but cringeworthy at best. The only reason I think I sat around and finished the film was because it was like a snack food that you really hate but keep eating anyways- it’s disgusting and you’re probably never going to eat it again, but it’s so mezmerisingly awful that you can’t stop until it’s all gone. But yeah, Jack and Jill is the worst movie ever.

  2. I haven’t seen That’s My Boy because A. I don’t like R-rated comedies. B. It was made in the 2010’s and starred Adam Sandler. I’ve never heard of Going Overboard. I also haven’t seen You Don’t Mess with the Zohan and Little Nicky. In fact, I didn’t even know what Little Nicky was about until now. O.O What?! One last thing: I had been burned by Adam Sandler so many times that I only happened to catch the end of the movie when my family was watching it. Oh, my family of Adam Sandler lovers. They think anything he touches is gold. D:

  3. All bad. No good. List invalid. Sandler is god of simple minds. You like him = u r dummy. period.

  4. Walter or Mr. Banasiak should have died reviewing this “actor.”

  5. What educated person likes or even loves Adam Sandler unironically, Jewish or Gentile or any other member of the human race and several of the animal kingdom?

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