Top 5 Worst DC Movies

Aiyanna, Heather, and Walter count down the 5 worst DC movies. What are your picks for worst DC movies?

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  1. Before the video, here are my picks:

    1. Batman and Robin.
    2. Catwoman.
    3. Steel.
    4. Green Lantern.
    5. Batman Forever.

    • Put Superman IV in there somewhere.

    • You were mostly correct, except that no one really give a shit about Steel as most people probably think that it was cheap knockoff on the first place. And also Batman Forever despite being disappointment as previous movies were great, is more average for 80’s so it wasn’t technically that bad. Batman and Robin on the other hand is bad, though looking on it as inspired by Adam West make my hate it less. And yes, Superman IV but also what you miss Superman III and Supergirl are total turds, especially because Superman 1 and 2 were good.

      I think he should do Top-10 but he probably didn’t want provoke DC fanboys, as to be honest fact that Werner was more active in the past what increase chance for bad movies is relevant argument here.

      • I included Batman Forever because that was where the series started going downhill. Although, to be honest, I tend to think that Batman Returns has that privilege. Penguin and Catwoman are too over-the-top in that (Brought back to life by cats? Riding a toy Batmobile? Plus a demon-possessed baby raised by penguins in the sewer? Penguin and Catwoman are just mundane thugs with a theme!).

        I included Steel because the character deserved a better film, and a better actor to play him. He’s basically DC’s version of Iron Man, only with street cred.

        I didn’t remember that much about Superman III. I saw it a couple of times as a kid, and in retrospect, I do think they spent too much time focusing on him instead of Supes. But that computer Borg assimilation? That genuinely scared me as a kid!

        I also didn’t remember Supergirl. But yes, that film was a turd of Drax magnitude.

        In short, my list was just the ones off the top of my head before watching the video. I like to do that just so I can compare notes afterward.

  2. Green lipstick is surprisingly creepy.

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