Top 5 Worst Denzel Washington Performances

Walter switches it up a little bit on Top 5 as we start with Denzel Washington’s worst performances. Does he even have any?

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I think I’ve only seen two Denzel Washington movies and I thought he was good in both of them. I’ve never seen Virtuosity, Heart Condition, The Mighty Quin, Carbon Copy, or for Queen and for Country. Also, I was impressed that he was able to do a British accent. O.O


Narrowing down the top 5 best will probably be just as hard as finding bad Denzel performances

Fuzzy Skinner

I think his performance in Much Ado About Nothing (the Kenneth Branagh one) is highly underrated. He’s witty and effortlessly charismatic, which is good for a role that’s as much of a blank slate as Don Pedro, and he has a great sense of comedic timing. It’s too bad he hasn’t done more witty comedies, as he’s excellent at them.

Snorgatch Pandalume

If you’re gonna do comedy, might as well make it Shakespeare. 😉
What’s funny about that movie is Keanu Reeves plays Don Pedro’s evil brother, John. And he’s actually not bad! Granted it’s a small part, but just the thought of Denzel and Keanu playing brothers makes me giggle.

Daniel Brizuela

To say that Denzel has bad performances is unthinkable.