Top 5 Worst Full House Episodes

It’s time for the Top 5 Worst Full House Episodes with help from some very special guests!

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  1. I think number 2 was actually funny.

    and if your complaint is that Full House didn’t really have the family facing real issues, it did as the last list can show.

    also, about other shows like Rosanne, a sitcom family being dysfunctional doesn’t automatically make them realistic.

  2. I never watched a second of this crap.

  3. Who played the music, though?

    It has as cheap keyboard sound, which I actually kinda like.

  4. Good Kimmie, Aiyanna.

    (in the intro, I mean.)

  5. #5 wasn’t that bad of an episode; it’s a relatable topic for kids getting ready to enter middle/high school. a farfetched one, but still a nice message.

    I would have replaced #5 with the episode with Michelle being a total spoiled brat and Danny has to learn to discipline her. That was an awful one.

  6. I can’t believe I used to like this show. I can’t think of a decent episode of it.

  7. Wow. So many cameos. Actually… is it odd that this video makes me want to see Full House, a show that I usually hate?! O.O

  8. There are GOOD episodes of Full House?

  9. The worst episode: The Tanners go to Disneyland. The Olsen twins at their most insufferable.

  10. “Full House” was stupid and poorly written, of course. But some of these episodes weren’t that bad. Heck, “Our Very First Telethon” is actually my favorite episode of the series. I don’t get the hate for it.

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