Top 5 Worst Goosebumps Episodes

Continuing the Halloween theme, Walter gives us his picks for Top 5 Worst Goosebumps Episodes.

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  1. Nothing tops Ghost Beach. Horrible acting, horrible story, not so imaginative twist, it’s got it all. However, this is your list, so I’m not going to argue.

  2. Not sure if this would fall in your areas of expertise, but it would be interesting to see someone discuss some of the Goosebumps knock-offs. Most of those only existed as books, but if my memory of my library’s children’s section holds true, there were a LOT of them.

  3. The evil baby cracked me up.

  4. What about the one where it turns out they’re all dogs or something?

  5. Go Eat Worms was my first introduction to the Goosebumps books and still one of my favorites. The episode for it does fail pretty miserably, I’ll admit, but if they had kept the original ending from the books, I don’t think it would be on this list.

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