Top 5 Worst Marvel Movies

Top 5 is back as Walter counts down the Top 5 Worst Marvel Movies.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    There’s a question from the very beginning: by what criteria are we going to set for them to be considered a Marvel movie? Do you count the Made-For-TV films, like those from the 70s and 80s? What about the unreleased films or video-only films like Corman’s Fantastic Four and the 90s Captain America?

    Here’s my list:

    5. Doctor Strange (1970s version).
    4. Corman Fantastic Four.
    3. 90s Captain America.
    2. Fantfourstic.
    1. Fantastic 4 (2005).

    However, if we limit them to just the more recent theatrical release films:

    5. X-3.
    4. Daredevil.
    3. Electra.
    2. Fantfourstic.
    1. Fantastic 4 (2005).

    Honorable mentions: Iron Man 2, Thor 2: Dark World.

    EDIT: Oh, yeah. I forgot about Howard the Duck. Just go ahead and move all the others down by one and put Howard at the top.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      As for TV shows vs. films: Frankly, I think there’s a lot of potential in television (or Netflix, as the case may be) that just isn’t available to feature-length films. The use of the television/serial format, or better yet, the Netflix binge-series format, you can really explore the characters and setting and tell some really compelling stories.

  2. More people need to be made aware of the Daredevil Director’s Cut and Spider-Man 3 Editor’s Cut.

  3. Out of all those bad films you have to admit that Howard The Duck is so bad that it’s entertaining, so much so that it has a cult following. And I am a part of that cult. It’s Marvel’s Troll 2. “All hail the mighty duck-tits!”

  4. Spider-Man 3 gets so much hate and I don’t understand why. It’s biggest sin is being lackluster, but not outright bad. It’s not the worst Marvel. Hell, it’s not even the worst Spider-Man.

    Fant4Stic gets my vote for worst Marvel experience. What a tone deaf movie to what fans want.

  5. I’d have ranked amazing Spider-Man 2 as worse than Spider-Man 3 myself. ASM2 threw out everything I liked about ASM1 and replaced it with everything I disliked from Spider-Man 3, making it the worst of two films. Say what you like about dancing emo peter, but even in the film itself its supposed to be stupid (look at the faces of the women staring at him). “string of web turning into a little hand reaching out for gwen” was supposed to be dead serious even while I was trying not to burst out laughing at it

    • Hard to say which is worse: I think Spiderman 3 is easier to sit through because it’s tone matches the goofiness more consistently, but the plot is still more of a mess than ASM2.

      However, the real tie-breaker comes down to which was the most poorly cast and ridiculous villain: Topher Grace’s Venom, or Jamie Fox as Electro.

  6. The worst to me is Fan4stic because at least most of the bad superhero movies entertain me in some way. This one puts me to sleep like no other. Then 2. Thor: The Dark World (I don’t watch superhero movies for romance) 3. Iron Man 3 (I don’t like the character study type of movies), 4. Howard the Duck (boring until the last half hour), and 5. Elektra (I saw it as a kid and even Catwoman had more of an impact on me). I like Spider-Man 3. Emo Peter cracks me up. I will admit that it does have some flaws though. The only thing I remember about the Daredevil movie is the soundtrack.

  7. I think what makes a lot of people hate Spider-Man 3 so much is the huge drop in quality from the first two Raimi films, especially Spiderman 2 which managed the rare feat of having a great Superhero movie villain: Doc Optopus played by Alfred Molina.

    Spiderman 3 would have been great if it just Focused on Thomas Haden Church as Sandman, and built up to the Venom story. But no…we get a mess of villains and emo-spider-dance-man.

  8. The funny thing about Howard the Duck is that it was the FIRST MOVIE I EVER SAW in theaters. I was barely a year old and for some reason my mom took me to it, and I actually DO have vague recollections of some imagery from the movie that might very well be my earliest memories…my earliest memories are from when I saw HOWARD THE DUCK in theaters…I just realized how messed up that is. Now you’d think taking a baby barely a year old into a movie theater to see something like that would lead to screaming and crying, but no, mom tells me that I was surprisingly attentive and even laughed during the movie, and didn’t get fussy or cry even once. I have no idea how to interpret that.

  9. While I don’t hate Spider Man 3, I can understand why people would call it the worst. I am still interested in seeing the new Spider Man though. That looks awesome!

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