Top 5 Worst Star Wars Original Trilogy Moments

Star Wars month continues! Walter gives his picks for Top 5 Worst Original Trilogy Moments.

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  1. My top worst Star Wars Original Trilogy moments:

    1. Boba Fett, the most badass bounty hunger in the galaxy, is taken out by a blind Han Solo who just happened to trigger his backpack making him fall into the Sarlac. Boba Fett was an awesome character, and he deserved to be given a much more noble death. Plus, if Han was going to be the one to take him out (because Fett is the one who sold him to Jabba), then it should have been an actual straight-up fight. Maybe with Han not being able to see clearly, still deliberately taking a shot at him.

    And it’s not like Boba was a break-out character, either. I remember the year or so before Empire came out, Boba Fett was heavily marketed. They wanted him to be popular. So why give him such a lame death?

    2. Obi Wan’s lame attempt to justify his deception to Luke by claiming that it was true “from a certain point of view.” No, Obi Wan, it was a straight-up lie. You pulled a Bill Clinton “sexual relations” with this nonsense. Just tell Luke the truth: that you lied to protect him, and it failed. Don’t shove this postmodern semantics nonsense into our face! Just own up to your mistake and apologize for it.

    • “Boba Fett was an awesome character”

      No, no, he Looked awesome. If you watch Empire, Boba Fett didn’t do anything. He only tracked the Falcon to Cloud City, and then Darth Vader took over from there. Fett was then part of the background, and remained there until his death.

      • I have to agree.

        Boba Fett had cool armor and a jetpack basically. Darth Vader captures Han Solo, and he’s so outclassed Han really can’t do anything against Vader’s power.

      • While it is true that Vader actually made the caller, it was Fett who tracked him. Of all the Imperial forces involved in the search, and all the bounty hunters hired to find them, it was Fett who figured out Han’s plan and used the scenario to put himself in the perfect position to follow him.

        Also, as I mentioned, it wasn’t just in his portrayal in the film; it was also how he was marketed beforehand. Let’s not forget that, in the Holiday Special, Fett managed to save Luke from a giant monster AND nearly capture him, Han, and Chewy. Between the Holiday Special and the release of Empire, 20th Century Fox HEAVILY marketed him; they had action figures of him long before the film’s release was even announced.

        You can argue that his actual role in the film was downplayed, but the marketing was still there; they wanted the character to be popular and took great efforts to make it so.

  2. Yeah, you were right. I think the Leia thing is too much of a nit pick. Yeah, it is a little odd now that we know Luke and Leia are brother and sister. I didn’t mind the way Boba Fett died. Even the best warrior can be taken by surprise. I like all of the Ewok scenes. Besides, two of your points I can’t think of anything I don’t like about the original trilogy.

    • The thing is, while there is certainly that squick factor going on, it sort of fits the narrative. They obviously have a strong connection of some sort; they just don’t know they are siblings yet, but the connection is there. What’s more, she does eventually fall for Han anyway, so in the end, the connection they have for each other turns out not to be romantic after all.

      Bottom line: they don’t know they are related, so it’s innocent enough. I mean, come on: it’s not like they got freaky and had like three-eyed kids or anything.

  3. My Bottom 10:

    10. Obi-Wan’s lie (IV)
    9. chainmail bikini Leia (VI) [mostly because it became a sleazy geek cliche]
    8. Luke’s whining (mostly IV)
    7. another Death Star, another trench run to a weak spot that blows up the whole thing (VI)
    6. Boba Fett’s death (VI)
    5. Luke can’t kill the Emperor because light/dark philosophical bullshit (VI)
    4. most of C3PO’s comic relief, which I find more annoying than funny. (IV-VI)
    3. almost everything about the Ewoks (VI)
    2. the Luke-Leia stuff (IV-VI)
    1. lightsaber “duel” between Vader & Obi-Wan (IV)

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