Top 5 Worst Super Smash Bros Stages

Walter is joined by a special guest to count down the Top 5 Worst Super Smash Bros Stages. Did they miss a stage that you hate? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 Comments on "Top 5 Worst Super Smash Bros Stages"


Huh. I didn’t expect this. I’ve actually never played a Super Smash Bros game. ☹ Although, I’ll be excited for your Power Ranger videos.


I actually like to play stages like these with people who claim to be good at the game when all they ever do is play as Marth on Final Destination with no items, the limits of their skill are quickly shown. I know some people want to treat Smash Bros like a regular fighting game, but if that’s what you want just play Street Fighter. Smash Bros is part fighting game, part party game, and part platformer; and all three of those aspects deserve to have their focus.

Daniel Brizuela

Never knew about the Donkey Kong stage on Brawl and I love that game.