Top 5 Worst Tom Cruise Performances

He has had a lot of good performances, but we can’t forget these bad ones.

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  1. Interview with a vampire? Come on.
    I get that Walter doesn’t like the movie, but his performance in it was one of his best. Cruise BECOMES Lestat in this movie, which is a completely different character from half of the characters Walter put on the best list, which are essentially the same. Cruise get’s typecast a lot nowadays, but in interview with a vampire he shows, that he can literally become a completely different person on screen if he want’s to.
    And just to get this right, interview with a vampire is NOT a horror movie and never tries to be one, it is a drama and a characterstudy. Walter probably went into it with wrong expectation and got a drama when he expected something scary. I think this movie is fantastic and has a very intense atmosphere, but I get that it’s not for everybody.
    Still even if he doesn’t like it, that’s no reason to call Cruise’s performance here bad when it’s clearly one of his best and he becomes the character. Walter took in other perfomances in his best list when he didn’t even like the movie, but I think here his bias got him.

    • I completely agree. His portrayal of Lestat is incredible. He embodies everything Lestat is in the book series, from his sense of humor and absolute joy in being a vampire, to his codependency on Louis (or “Louie” for pronunciation sake), and also to battling his own inner demons. Even if Tom Cruise, himself, wasn’t entirely comfortable with the sexual undertones of the movie, that too was an important aspect of the story. The idea of whether or not vampires need companionship at all is an ongoing theme in the Vampire Chronicles universe.
      It may have horror elements, but it is not a typical horror story.
      Anyway, he’s easily the best Lestat on screen to date. The less said about that other one, the better….

    • Cruise is excellent as Lestat. This coming from someone who loves Lestat and usually loathes Cruise. Don’t let your personal feelings about movies cloud your judgement.

  2. I’ve heard of Far and Away, The Color of Money, or Legend. Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages was one of the best parts. Jeez, he’s a looker though. I’ve always wanted to see Interview with a Vampire.

  3. I normally can’t stand Tom Cruise, but I find his turn as Lestat to be one of his more enjoyable performances.

  4. Are we conveniently forgetting Jerry Maguire? This is easily one of the most overrated movies of all time and Tom’s performance was straight embarrassing. Everyone in the movie was terrible, especially Cuba Gooding Jr. Go back and watch it, this movie does not hold up at all. Is it a love story or a sports movie? The answer is neither because anyone with an ounce of taste wouldn’t buy either out of this puke stain of a movie that people swear up and down is good.

  5. Is any one else thinking that many other actors would kill for those performances to be there best ? I had enjoyed all of those films, and I thought that I wasn’t a Tom Cruise Fan. If this is the worst he can do, then I must be a fan.

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