Top 7 Ways To Get Back Into Gaming

As we all grow older, there has to be ways to re-engage ourselves back into video games. Ian takes us through how he does it.

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  1. This sounds more like training for a sports competition ! “set a schedule” – “stick with it” – “don’t make excuses” – “blow off friends and family” – “be very repetitious” .
    Edit: The total play time for most games I own is under 2 hours. It’s extremely rare I play any title for over 10 total hours. I get bored very fast, and I have better things to do.

  2. I just finished Watch_Dogs 2. In spite of it’s own existence being…pretty much an abomination on paper…it was surprisingly way better than the first game.

  3. I’ve only been playing Pokemon Go regularly and kinda cheating at that since I’ve been driving to poke stops. I did play Until Dawn and it was AWESOME!!

  4. Lol, look forward to four years of Trump jokes. I don’t think even Trump could cause an apocalypse though. In the meantime, us gamers can enjoy some games. I actually don’t even live in the US, but even if you do, awesome gaming sessions offer respite from everything else that goes on in our world, so take heart.

  5. Bloodbowl got me back into Warhammer, that’s an actual social game. I’ve played games all my life, so I never left.

  6. “#5 – Go back to your comfort zone.”

    Doing this right now. The 25th anniversary of “A Link to the Past” just happened (… well, for the initial Japan release date at least), and it’s been nice to blitz back through it, even though I’ve done it numerous times before.

    Although after that it’s probably time to (#6) conquer something I *haven’t* already experienced…

    * looks at massive steam library of unplayed games
    * looks at calendar
    * realizes holiday sale will be coming up soon
    * heavy sigh

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