Rantasmo: Top Gun Needs More Gay

Rantasmo enters the Danger Zone and examines the homoeroticism of Top Gun.

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  1. Eh, have you WATCHED the movie recently? I think most of the gay subtext in the beachball scene is because of the soundtrack. You know what song i mean.

    • I love what Spoony brought up with that in his DOA review regarding volleyball:

      “I would play that scene from Top Gun here, but ‘Playing With the Boys’ doesn’t really apply here. Hmm…what’s the lesbian equivalent of Kenny Loggins?”

  2. What doesn’t need more gay?

  3. I’m still in that camp that believes Tom Cruise is gay. Maybe in 20 years he’ll come out or when he dies, several lovers will come forward. 😉

    • I thought a few alleged lovers of Tom Cruise have come forward. They just were either not taken seriously or immediately sued.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom Cruise did turn out to be gay. He just flips out too easily when someone brings it up. I can’t help thinking that he’d just laugh that stuff off if he wasn’t gay.

  4. Haha! Soooo right!
    I listen to Manowar, and they seem to have the same problem.

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