Totally Tubular Tim: Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties – Battle Geek Plus

Totally Tubular Tim shows you one of the greatest full motion video games ever: Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties! They don’t?!

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  2. Yeah… You might want to switch to decaf next time. I recommend you check out AVGN if you want a really good review on this game.

  3. So this guy is basically a combination of Chester A. Bum and 90’s Kid. That’s neat!

  4. This guy needs to go away. His videos are not funny, his impressions rely on stereotypes, which can be funny, but his impressions are so bad he sucks the fun out of any video he does. I tried to watch his football/Final Fantasy series. It’s obvious those subjects have nothing to do with each other and he knows nothing about football,or how do do an impersonation of anyone so why do it

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