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In this crime against childhood, a plot involving Swindle selling off his teammates parts and a girl and two serial killers building a robot collide to humiliate toys before the movie kills them all.

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  1. Actually it’s not that hard to figure out why Swindle took the rest of their parts to the dump. Having sold their weapons for cash, he was simply selling the rest of them as scrap metal.

  2. So reversing a speech synthesizer turns it into a listening naturalizer?

  3. Haha, I really enjoyed this review. As soon as I saw this was the episode you’d be looking at next, I’d been really looking forward to it.
    There’s a bunch of things that were wrong with this episode in particular that I was hoping you’d comment on, like the oddly inconsistent animation. There are tonnes of stupid, annoying errors and flubs all over the place–and things like Bumblebee somehow unable to break through a thin wooden door, which is just ridiculous. That and the Autobots constantly shrinking and growing at a moment’s notice, like three 15-ft-tall robots somehow managing to stand perfectly tall inside a computer lab, and Bumblebee being significantly shorter than the aforementioned door, which should be about 6’6”, so he’s all of a sudden maybe 5’10” at best??

    Though to be frank, to me this is a microcosm of the entire series put into 20 minutes. Having watched the original show when I was 11, and again seeing it with a friend of mine very recently, I’ve never seen what was so bad about this episode that wasn’t wrong with the entire show. Sure there were neat concepts in some episodes, as you mentioned Countdown to Extinction had high stakes and some great story potential (though I’d say it was mostly botched and wasn’t that well handled), but every single episode of the show had dumb flubs, badly thought out plans, inconsistent stories, terrible animation errors, downright abysmal animation in several spots

    And if I’m honest, the voice acting wasn’t even that good. I know, it sounds like heresy to say so, but I don’t blame the actors; I’ve heard many of them put in very solid performances in other things, like Frank Welker being one of my favourite actors ever. Something about the way they talk as they force out unnatural dialogue sounds awful to me. I think it’s probably in part that they’re getting all the wrong cues and advice from their vocal director, since everyone sounded great in the ’86 movie, and again these are all actors who have done great things before and since.

    So yeah, this episode and show is fun to point and laugh at, but I really think people make more of it than was actually there, and when many talk of it, it’s through thick, foggy, rose-tinted nostalgia goggles.

  4. This is one of the few episodes I remember with real clarity.
    I had enjoyed the introduction of Bruticus and the idea that one of the combiners would sell off the organs of his brothers for Earth currency (something that he should consider WORTHLESS) is fucking hilarious.

    This episode stuck with me.

  5. Loved the review, the episode itself of course, very disappointing. Another thing that got me, which I’m shocked you didn’t pick up on, was another problem the series had: Size and scale. Isn’t it odd how Bumblebee and Gears were apparently smaller than the human sized door they tried to break through when pursuing BOT?

    One other thing that nags at me this past 30 years: What could Swindle possible sell the parts of his comrades in exchange for? I doubt human money holds any allure. Energon? Energy in general? Maybe.

    Final note: Why is it of all the characters to die ignominiously in the film, the Protectobots lived on while so many great ones died? (I still to this day want to believe that Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, and Skyfire are alive somewhere)

    • Depends on how much money he was getting I’d imagine. With enough money he could buy something that could give him lots of energy, a power plant for example.

  6. I used to watch this show religiously, and I do not recall this episode. Either I blocked it out, or the UHF stations we had didn’t buy all the episodes.

  7. Love me some Combaticons!

  8. Incidentally, in one of the comics, those three idiots did build another B.O.T.

  9. I have fond memories of this episode but at the same time I understand all the reasons why it deserves a real brow beating. It’s really, REALLY bad.

  10. “Scramble city”
    … so that’s the name for that!
    To this day, I’ve got a mismatched combiner.

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