Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Hilariocity Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

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  1. This is the only Transformers movie that I don’t like. I liked it when I first saw it… but then I saw it again and realized that it wasn’t that good. I haven’t gotten that from any of the others on re-watching them. I still like the action scenes but this movie has the worst jokes of any of the other movies. I don’t even care about the plot holes. However, I didn’t know about the strike stuff. That actually explains A LOT.

    • If you want explanations then in fact half of the plot is in video game, what explain some plot holes like from where humanity get a rail-gun. Obviously it isn’t a protection in anyway as movie is total trash after all. Worst part is original design of Fallen was amazing, but they pick worst option possible instead.

  2. I was amused by this one. Then – I saw it first. Then the first one, and found them to be roughly the same thing.
    It is a Bay flick, so it is all surreal, like a pizza dream. – like how the Smithsonian lies right next to that aircraft dump-site, and people can teleport to wherever.
    And a bit overlong too.
    Should have edited out the dog-sex.

    • Yup.

      Basically it’s the same mess of sub plots, CGI barf, and low sweeping camera moves through juvenile jokes and lots of green-screen explosions.

      Only this one had more cringe-worthy juvenile gags.

  3. As bad as other Transformers movies can be none of those have reached level of badness that RotF has. It’s at league of it’s own when it comes to being bad movie in that franchise.

  4. This movie was probably the worst in terms of being a cohesive movie, but the fourth one LITERALLY put me to sleep. I’ve fallen asleep during movies if I was tired when I turned it on or something, but this is the only one I have ever turned on perfectly awake and been PUT. TO. SLEEP.

  5. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Why do Michael Bay’s movies all seem geared toward 14-year-old boys? Puerile adolescent humor, casual racism and sexism, and plots that are nothing but an excuse for gunfire and explosions. And this movie is definitely the worst of the lot, the absolute bottom of the barrel of lowest common denominator entertainment.

    • Because, as Bay frequently laughs and mocks his critics with, they’ll still pay to see it. We rage about how terrible these movies are and yet each one still makes a ton of cash.

      I think we just have to accept there’s a market (thinks of the “Fast & Furious” movies and the insane amount of money each one makes)…a very, very BIG and demanding market for nothing but mindless action.

  6. TragicGuineaPig

    Ah, Revenge of the Fallen. Or as I like to call it, “The Cinematic Equivalent of 3 Hours of Nails on a Chalkboard.” I spent the entire movie just so annoyed by everything about it. I almost walked out the theater, but then decided, “No, I spent good money to see this; I will watch the rest of it.” Should have cut my losses before the John Turturo Butt scene.

    No kidding, this happened: I was once walking from a pub back to my home, and I saw this DVD lying in the gutter. Not only did I not pick the DVD up, but I contemplated getting my car and coming back just to run it over.

    And NO, that zoom in on Megan Fox’ butt does NOT make up for how annoying the rest of it was!

    And why can’t Bumblebee talk? Didn’t his vocal processors get fixed at the end of the last one?

  7. Now I saw both the first film, and most of this film around the same time, and they both sort of run together as one big mess of confusing CGI junk piles approximating the shape of robots, and a bunch of contrived sub plots I forgot hours after watching.

    I guess really the only thing that makes this one worse than the first is the increased number of juvenile gags. Honestly, the first one is only marginally better.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      It’s not just the increased frequency, but the increased irritation factor of them as well. It’s like an annoying sound that not only becomes higher pitched, but much louder.

      That, and for me, it seems that we really didn’t need the Whitwickys anymore. In the first film, they were there to basically help us, the audience, to transition from the mundane world into the world of the Transformers. Sam was our eyes and ears in our first foray into that world. And sure, no harm in letting him be in the second to go along for the ride, BUT HE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN THE MAIN CHARACTER ANYMORE! That role should have gone to Optimus after the end of the first film.

  8. You are one of the most entertaining movie critics out there (you must live near my old stomping grounds of the Cleveland suburbs-the Heights, Warrensville, near Case Western, etc.) and have loved your Hilariocity pieces, but WHERE IS “VAMPIRE’S KISS?” You have been tantalizing and teasing us with that clip at the beginning of these reviews for a while but….nothing. Did you post it and were told to take it down or you just have not gotten around to it yet? Anyway, thanks for all the great content and keep going.

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