Trouble #3 – AT4W

Nothing more romantic than watching people be jerks to their friends.

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  1. I was going to point out how rude one of them was to the flower lady, particularly regarding the “only young once” tag line, then again after watching more of it I can safely say their unacceptable behavior and line of dialogue shouldn’t really surprise me.

    All the same, this is extremely uncomfortable, distasteful, indignant, and just… ugh!

  2. Okay, let’s see what else went on in Trouble, aka “Marville Light.”

    2:49- FUCKIN’ BUBBLES!

    5:06- They probably have their eyes closed, because they are suffering from Youngblood’s Disease.

    6:19- …Or in a universe where a porno takes place.

    Why hasn’t anybody done a crossover of Spider-Man and A Nightmare on Elm Street yet. If done correctly, that would be awesome.

    11:09- Okay, this is the most unintentionally hilarious moment in this whole mini-series. Bravo, Mark Miller.

    12:04- I know you’ve already made a joke on The Room earlier, but this IS turning into said movie. Dear god, this comic is weird.

    I wonder how bad or worse the 4th issue is. Guess I’ll have to wait another year for the answer. At least next week is on the 4th issue of The Star Wars.

  3. I never thought Aunt May could be so unlikeable. And the two brothers thing… this is just getting worse and worse.

  4. Can anyone refresh my memory here. Has Linkara reviewed or done any of the KISS comics?

  5. When Marvel hired an old-fashioned shoujo manga artist to draw a bizarrely mismatched, lanky, bald bishounen Vision, I thought that was their dumbest attempt to peddle romantic comics. But it’s like they have an entire a subgenre of bad decisions. Furry porn sites have romantically screwed less pooches.

  6. Did a guy who identifies as a christian conservative just admit polyamory is a valid and real thing? Sorry I know that non-asshole Republicans do exist, it’s just easier and easier to forget due to how increasingly rare they seem to be..

    Anyway, yeah this was an awful comic. There are soaps with more character depth than this thing has.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Well, he doesn’t want to be accused of slut-shaming May. Even though she IS acting like a slut. I know it’s an ugly word, but I’m not sure how else you can describe what she’s doing. If that’s not being a slut, what exactly would be?

  7. So I just noticed that May looks like MJ and Mary looks like Gwen Stacy? Man Marvel’s really been digging itself deep for years to make red heads unlikeable even through contrived coincidence. Although doing it at the expense of Aunt May is even shittier…then again it’s not like they don’t have a record of wrecking May’s life to throw MJ out of the picture. This is a weird obsession and line to put together.

  8. “That means Spiderman’s dad cheated on his mom with Aunt May!”

    I bet Sweet, Grandma-Aged Aunt May never told Peter THAT story about his dead parents.

    Or Uncle Ben for that matter.

  9. The Real Silverstar

    The psychic’s name was Mrs. Grey. I see what they did there.

  10. Well, that was awful. And now May’s likely pregnant from Richard… which means the baby is… Oh Lord, and I thought this couldn’t tarnish the Parkers or make their family tree any more convoluted!!!

  11. I actualy liked the story in this part
    Dont trow tomatoes at me pls :p

  12. It’s strange. A fairly decent guy and a nice girl each hooks up with a cheating asshole. A typical Hollywood scenario would have them end up together and leaving the jerks behind. No, here they end up happily married to the assholes.

    By the way, is it now surprising that Richard and Mary failed as agents?

  13. Yeah, we have been looking at a lot of good comics lately! This was short, but nice. I remember this comic. Weird to see a young Aunt May. Another One More Day reference. You still haven’t caught up with the Nostalgia Critic’s Phantom Menace jokes.

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