Trump the Board Game – Can You Believe It

CR kicks off a new segment with a look at Trump the Board Game. It only looks like there’s more there than there is.

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  1. Good to see you posting again, CR and holy shit, I can’t believe this is real.

  2. Crossover Princess

    Everything about Trump reminds me of the Gravity Falls episode The Stanchurian Candidate. You know, the one where Stan runs for Mayor and he says stuff about making kids go to a deserted island and make them fight for dominance. And it it was made long before the thing with Trump…

    Then you remember in that episode the towns people were horrified, while in real life people eat this stuff up. You realize that a kids show correctly predicted an out there candidate saying such horrifying things but didn’t predicted that said candidate would be loved… and then you cry…

  3. F**k Trump to hell

  4. Haha this is the first time I have actually played the game you are talking about… and funny enough it is one I actually won.

    The game is pretty stupid, but I had fun when I played it… though I can’t say that now considering how horrible Drumpf is.

    Also please tell me you used the Temmie shop theme because of how stupidly easy you can make money selling Temmie flakes back to Temmie?

  5. I enjoyed this game as a child. Pretty much that is it.

  6. Red Priest Rezo

    Don’t know what I was expecting but that was politicized as all hell. I can see why but I don’t think that was a good choice for a pilot episode of a show as I can’t really say if I’m interested in watching more of “Can You Believe It”. This one was cringe-worthy but only because I’ve seen all that Trump-jokes and facts on Daily Show and Last Week Tonight. But logically speaking no other episode can be quite like that… So maybe I’ll give it another shot next time. Maybe. Just no more Drumpf, please.

  7. I remember seeing this thing at like KB outlet cheap and many times in yard sales and Starvation Armies. Personally I am waiting to see if we have any trolls lurking?

    Excellent review!

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