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Shaun checks out some of the latest geeky TV offerings.

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  1. I actually thought the season opener for adventure time didn’t change anything, mostly because of the message they gave in it. Just the way they handled it made me feel like they were still up their own ass.

  2. Leonardo (Leadernardo) has also always been my favorite Ninja Turtle. I enjoy this current incarnation as well. I was so excited to see Professor Honeycutt too!

  3. Leo has always been my favorite Ninja Turtle :D, and I like Cyclops too! Dunno why Cyc gets so much hate sometimes u_u

    Gravity Falls & Ninja Turtle have BOTH been spectacular this season, can’t wait to see how both series turn out 😀

    P.S. Bill Cipher is an awesome villain, funny yet threatening, the show really does a good job of balancing out both aspects of the character.

  4. I forgive you for missing videos. I started two unpaid internships so I know how a new schedule goes. LOL. I mostly came for the Supergirl portion but the rest was interesting as well. I don’t watch Gravity Falls. I must’ve stumbled upon the one bad episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because I didn’t like the one episode I saw. I may give it another try based on your recommendation. I thought that Supergirl was good but I felt that it was suffering from what I call “Frozen syndrome” where they focus more on what the show would do the landscape of TV as opposed to focusing on the story, the characters, and the action (and I liked Frozen). Although, I forgot to see the second episode… For Adventure Time, I just can never get into it, no matter how much I try to give it a shot. Also, I love the puns. Nicely done. 🙂

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