Twilight Zone: The Obsolete Man

In an evil dictatorship, a librarian is to be executed because books are now obsolete. Science fiction, of course, because the printed word is stronger than ever, I read that on the Internet!

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  1. We aren’t punishing you for being a librarian, we’re punishing you because the entire public library is filled with nothing but hobo sperm.

    ~The 21st century version of this

  2. the notorious white moth

    A totalitarian state that seeks not the good of its people but its own stability at their expense, trying to appear invulnerable to hide the paranoia of those in charge… All I have to say to that is:
    Hail the Conquering Dominion

  3. You keep picking episodes of shows that criticize government in some way–in other words, you’re not stepping outside your comfort zone and just keep picking things that reinforce your own beliefs. You’re trying to be subtle about it, but you do seem to be trying to preach a certain message here.

    How about tackling some things that are outside your comfort zone, like episodes that smartly criticize corporate power and business, which can become just as corrupt and domineering and dehumanizing as any totalitarian regime?

  4. I do not understand this. Or rather, I hope I don’t.

    Are we supposed to see the fall of a fanatic in that his convictions were not strong enough? If the totalitarian leader had truly been ready to die for the state, like some suicide bomber, keeping his cool to the very end, would that have made him a better person, or his political views any more valid?

    It really looks like the episode has a much simpler message: “atheists are fascists and you won’t find them in foxholes”. Blarg!

  5. Conner Nielsen

    This is tied with “Nothing in the Dark” as my favorite episode of The Twilight Zobe.

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