Twin Towers of Savings – WTFIWWY Live

This week: one man’s struggle to save his Canadian girlfriend with an air mattress, a school literary event gets Mein Kampf-ed, and hello, police? Could you stop chasing me? Thank you.

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  1. A Lost tour sounds awesome!

  2. I can imagine worse places to take selfies, and with blow up dolls. Auschwitz and the place where the atomic bomb, was dropped being a couple of them.

    By the way, the store that aired the ad, is thankfully out of business

  3. Matresses are expensive, though. I’d never throw them out. I’d at least see if someone less fortunate might want it. Hell, that’s how we got most of our mattresses.

  4. Just remember to wear bug spray! Don’t wanna catch dengue fever!

  5. Congrats Tara!

  6. @6:23 Just when it seemed like my faith in humanity was making a comeback.

  7. @13:12 This is probably going to be me if trump is elected, since I can’t afford the ~$300-400 bucks for a passport.

  8. Dude, Walmart sells Inflatable rafts for around the same price-point. Why not buy one of those?

  9. Dont know about US law, but the frenchfrie thing was theft.
    (In german probably Mundraub -> “petty larceny of food”)

    PS: An actual WTF case we had here is in the diference of Posession (besitz) and property (eigentum).
    If your car (property) is stolen it is in the posession of the thief, and if you then choose to just take it back its disturbing posession which is a fellony.

    What i want to say is strictly speaking also taking (unpayd) products out of another persons shoping cart is a crime, even if it is worth less than 3 Franchfries.

    Usualy it is only interesting if it was the last or one of a cind article, but we german speaking countrys are generaly very “Letter of the Law” (or over bureaucracy).

  10. When I first saw this mattress commercial on Youtube, I honestly thought it was a prank. I thought the three people were just messing around with a webcam and a bunch of mattresses, and decided to make a phony commercial to troll people. So I watched it, then just kind of ignored it and went about my business. Then the next day or so, I started seeing all the legitimate news sites talking about how the mattress store went out of business and I was shocked. This was an actual commercial made by actual employees of an actual mattress store who actually thought this would be a good way to move product. WTFIWWY indeed.

  11. wow, that commercial is more offensive than that Family Guy episode where Peter (impersonating James Woods) pitched “September 11th, two thousand and FUN.”

    I actually HAVE seen other “stop chasing me cops” cases, mostly on shows on truTV like “worlds dumbest drivers” or “police chase show X.” One was some crazy lady who called 911 because she was convinced she was being chased by fake cops, but when the operator got in contact with the car pursuing her assured her it was legit she didn’t believe her…even when several other cars joined the pursuit she was totally convinced there was some conspiracy of cop impersonators trying to take her down. The other was some drag queen who called 911 to say that he’d pull over for the cops chasing him after he wiped off his makeup.

    I didn’t know that Police Chief Wiggum was a real person…or Eric Cartman…what’s with the real life cartoon characters this week?

  12. Love your show, Nash and Tara. I’m not defending what the cop ended up doing, but whom do the cops call when they’re being harassed by someone? If this were a customer complaining about someone who would not leave them alone, and the customer would not leave the store, they’d call the cops, right? Well, this guy was a cop, and this customer was bothering him and would not quit it. He should have written it up as harassment or antagonism rather than theft of french fries. No, the person should not have been arrested, taken to jail, or booked, but made to leave the restaurant.

  13. This guy used a Wal-Mart air mattress?

    I am surprised he is still alive, those things are cheap as fuck and not very durable, I should know, had to use one of those things as a actual bed in college. They suck.

  14. The funny (or scary, depending on viewpoint) thing is, I actually knew a kid in fifth grade who was weirdly in love with Hitler. He didn’t wear a swatzika or anything extreme like that (although ironically enough, he was blonde. Don’t remember his eye color :p) but he did write biographies or presentations on the guy every chance he got. The strangest and most memorable example of this is when his best friend and he teamed up to have their two historical figures “interview” each other. Hitler Kid went with Hitler and his friend went with…Walt Disney. Yeah. It was as awkward as it sounds. Plus, I think a Weird Al song figured into their project somewhere as well. Very surreal.

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