UG: March Awesomeness – Kong: Skull Island

Shaun begins a packed month of (hopefully) amazing geek offerings with a look at the latest go at bringing the 8th Wonder of the World to the big screen.

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On the subject of Godzilla, I guess since the 2014 one was the first Godzilla movie I’ve ever seen I was just expecting more of him. In fact, that was my only complaint. Anyways, Kong Skull Island was really good and really fun. I absolutely loved the part where Kong uses the propeller on a boat as a knuckle-duster/ball and chain. I don’t quite know what critics were talking about at times regarding how they didn’t like the characters. I thought that the character’s motivations were good. They had about 50/50 screen time with Kong. The movie looks great and… Read more »

You just know that the HISHE for this one is going to involve Jackson calling in Capt. America, Iron Man, and Thor to stop Loki’s evil Kong-related scheme.