Ultimate Iron Man #1-2 – AT4W

Yo listen up, here’s the story about an Iron Man who lives in a blue world…

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  1. For some reason, Card’s Star Trek comments reminds me of a negative review of Star Wars written by the guy who wrote The Postman. If I recall correctly, he thought the entire point of Star Wars was to the good guy on the throne. No, Leia already had a throne, and it got blown up. No one throughout the entire … anyway he totally missed the point and actually got angry about a message that wasn’t there at all.

    Considdering that Star Wars is Star Wars whereas the guy who wrote The Postman wrote The Postman, it came off as petty jealousy.

  2. Aww, no story? I missed that. Yeah, MLP’s next week! Loved the title card. Wish I could say the same for the covers. That’s an odd origin story.

  3. His armor in the covers looks like a monkey’s head.

  4. Maybe he’ll grow up, get a red mohawk, and be “MARY POPPINS YALL!”

  5. There are no pain receptors in the brain. Therefore exposing the brain to air and dust particles would not produce any sensation. Perhaps the grey matter pressing on the nerves would cause erratic signals that register as pain but then the bio-armor would have no effect on that.

    • Yeah, *that* was the only issue with this otherwise flawless narrative.

      • Are you just following me around to leave contradictory replies to everything I comment on? You and the other account seem to be showing up a lot since that Witchcraft 14 review on Phelous’ site.

        At no point did I suggest it was the only flaw. I only thought it was relevant to the criticism of the comic and particular to the point about good Sci-fi.

        • Yeah, that’s right. I went through the process of registering to this site just so I can chat with a fascinating gent like yourself. Check that giant ego at the door, bro. It’s not always about you, you know. I don’t care if you’re the Pope. When I see something that’s BS in my eyes, I point it out. That’s what I do: I drop truth bombs.

          Honestly, I thought what you originally typed was another of your pitiful attempts at humor. Your non-jokes are so similar to your normal commentary that it’s hard to differentiate between the two.

          • However, if someone responding to one of your comments bothers you so much, then I’ll simply pretend that you don’t exist from now on, which is probably what I should have been doing from the get-go.

          • As I explained before, I’m not trying to be funny. My other pitiful attempts at humor were non-jokes because they weren’t jokes. My normal posts are meant in all seriousness. I can only conclude that it’s your limited reading comprehension that lead you to think otherwise.

          • FYI, the way you wrote this was basically admitting you did do it. That last paragraph shows you were carrying stuff over from the other location.

            You’re also way, way too personal. I won’t even remember your name after this post, let alone carry anything to another site.

        • Also, I’d like to make it clear that I have ONE account on this site and ONE on Phelous.com. I don’t have a sock-puppet account, if that’s what you’re insinuating. If you’re having issues with another person on this or any other site, then you need to take the matter up with that other person. Good day, sir.

          • I will accept your word that it is a mere coincidence for which the two of you have oddly similar user names. You have a good day as well.

  6. This has to be the worst way of introducing an alternative version of a beloved character, the story drags at a snail’s pace, the science fiction is too over the top to be taken seriously, and the main character resembles a smurf throughout the comic.

  7. That blue bio armor made young Tony look like a Smurf baby, and if if the idea was that the armor would eventually allow Tony to grow hair and have a natural skin color, what was the point of making him blue in the first place?

  8. Ah, it’s nice for AT4W to return us to the drunken adventures of Ultimate Iron Man with the first 2 issues of his solo comic.

    If Orson Scott Card is bad science-fiction, then that means Donald Trump is a great world leader. What a dick.

    I just realized that there’s a Dune comic in the pile of bad comics in the opening credits. Any plans on reviewing THAT in the future?

    The cover of Cyborg Tony Stark screaming reminds me of the scene in Terminator Salvation when Marcus Wright finds out that he’s become a machine.

    10:37- I love the smell of peace and love in the morning.

    13:49- In other words, this is the Orson Scott Card version of Baby Geniuses. God help us all.

    I was also thinking of Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen.

    17:51- “Boner. …Boner, boner. …Boner, boning of boner. …Boner, boner. …Erect penis.”

    No Drunk Iron Man impression in this episode? What a rip-off. At least we’ll have more MLP next week.

    I’ve seen the Ender’s Game movie, and it was just okay.

  9. Yeah. I don’t know what to think about this. It does seem boring besides the fact that the story is unique.

  10. Wow, yeah that was pretty terrible. It’d be better suited as a blue man group origin story.

  11. More MLP:FiM next week? Yeehaw!

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