Ultimate Power #3 – AT4W

See your favorite heroes as never before – with their mouths hanging open and their faces interchangeable because of the artwork!

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  1. The Ultimate Universe: proving Marvel can top DC at even releasing horrible comic lines that are supposed to introduce new people to the comic universe but end up just insulting the company’s legacy.

    4:02 let’s face it, MAGfest is ruined 😉

    This comic feels so…empty. And I hate this thing about keeping popular characters out long term relationships to make them eternally young: it’s annyoing and juvenile.

    But the review was great: Star Trek!!! Huzzah!! Can’t wait.

  2. That’s a pokemon on the thumbnail, right? I feel so bad for not knowing the newer ones. I was confused too. Why wasn’t there any fighting in this? This review really did seem to just blow by me. It was still quite good.

  3. I’m pretty sure Hyperion shouting TUM wasn’t traced from a picture someone “talking”.

    I’m pretty sure coitus was involved.

  4. Well, seeing as we all seen the best of what Marvel would offer in the form of Captain America: Civil War, it’s time to see the WORSE they would offer in the continuation of Ultimate Power.

    2:41- Good thing the Civil War movie did the “two teams opposing” thing RIGHT with the poster.

    7:07- I agree. I that photo of President Obama and his staff overlooking the mission to assassinate Osama bin Laden back in 2011, the room they were in was perfectly lit.

    8:35- If this comic took place in the Star Wars universe, the message would be translated in “basic.”

    11:20- And Hyperion said that while eating a sandwich THIS BIG.

    I guess if you do “Another Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains” list, Ultimate Reed Richards would be on there. …Seriously, Reed? All that just because Sue didn’t say “Yes”?

    Have fun with reviewing Star Trek TNG #3 next week, which is the issue after the crew of the Enterprise-D fought that alien race of Grinches.

    • Well, as for now worst in MCU is Avengers 2 or Thor: The Dark World what are still overall decent so they have great track record as for now..

      And Civil War was also great, what I liked most is that political dispute isn’t the reason for the fight as that would be stupid.. I would say that it is as good as Captain America: Winter Soldier.

      • So far, I love all 13 of the MCU movies, and I have little to no problems with them. And I’m looking forward to seeing Doctor Strange in November, along with all the other MCU movies afterwards.

  5. MountCDOSgamer

    It’s worth mentioning that Reed Richards of the Ultimate Universe and Nighthawk of the Supreme Power universe have both become part of the Marvel Universe following the events of the new Secret Wars.

  6. Really proud of myself for immediately noticing that thing in the cover art is D Reaper, and an apt comparison of that.

  7. Well, at least there were less porn faces.

  8. TragicGuineaPig

    Why did Reed Richards create tiny Death Stars?

  9. A president not bowing to famous celebrities? Insisting the White House should be held to a higher standard? This IS a parallel universe!

    Does that yawning guy have a second mouth inside his mouth?!

    Isn’t this the artist who traced half his faces from porn? That explains why half the people we see are making O-faces.

    • It seam so that is exactly that guy..

    • MountCDOSgamer

      I can understand using porn as a reference to study the human body in certain positions, but I see no reason to do so for basic things like facial expressions besides being able to look at porn while you draw just for the sake of looking at porn. That’s a fine example of when you should not mix business with pleasure.

  10. Only good part in it as for now it that they face the Great Old One.. shame that it is such waste though.

  11. I feel kind of bad for this series, and ‘Ultimate’ Squadron Supreme in particular.

    That comic promised to be everything that another independent comic actually delivered on: “Irredeemable” by Mark Waid, which I just read is going to get a movie adaptation by Fox.

    The original Squadron mini series by the late, great Mark Gruenwald was a great series, and I personally would put it up there with “Watchmen” as a great deconstruction of Super-Heroes.

    Making ‘Ultimate” Squadron part of the Ultimates multiverse was a good idea, seeing as how the tone of both universes was about the same.

    Oh well, elements of all these universes are now part of ‘All New, All Different Marvel’, so maybe they can take the best of them and do something better.

  12. To be fair, just about every Reed but 616 has died or become “evil”

  13. Great Review. By the way did you suggest to the person who does the title cards to have a D Reaper agent in it or was it something they thought would fit given the enemy in the comic and how it operates.

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