Ultimate Power #4 – AT4W

Why do I feel like I could skip half of this comic and not miss anything?

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  1. Boom, Linkara IS The Entity! Called It!

  2. So Linkara is now The Entity and Lord Vyce is helping everyone else. What a twist.

  3. I kinda hope we can move on from the Entity stuff soon.

  4. This comic is a prime example of “Do whatever you want BUT don’t be BORING”.
    It IS a hard sit.

    As for the Lore… Why a cloaked console?
    Cloaking doesn’t remove it,it only hides it.
    What’s to stop someone from bumping into / falling over it.
    what’s to stop Linksano from finding it with his special goggles?

    I would have had the console pop up from the floor but that’s me.


    …So yeah, that just happened. Next week is gonna be… interesting to say the least…

  6. TragicGuineaPig

    About Mjollnir’s pronunciation: considering that Thor would have pronounced it “Myollnir”, I have a hard time understanding how Spidey would come up with all those stupid mispronunciations anyway. Unless the comic writers themselves have no idea about its Scandinavian pronunciation, which makes them look stupider than Spidey.

    Shouldn’t Shadowcat be like 39 by now?

  7. I wonder if you have a bridge setting in Comicron 2 that looks like the command deck of the Astro Megaship from Power Rangers.

    I’ve seen better tracing in movie based comics, and comics based on movie franchised, like Star Wars,.

    9:39- I’ve read the original Ultimates storyline, and SHIELD already had a fleet of helicarriers.

    11:20- I can just already tell that Avengers: Infinity War won’t have scenes of dialogue this stupid.

    You haven’t used that Monty Python and the Holy Grail clip and the “ENTIRELY POINTLESS” gag for a long time.

    15:20- Now I’m just imagining if Superman said that to Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman.

    17:57- Greg Land, in the words of Worf, “If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand.”

    Power Princess is less Wonder Woman and more Bonkers Betty.

    Good luck on trying to get through the final 5 issues of this mini-series in the future, Linkara.

    25:30- …I just shit myself.

  8. So glad to see that story again. I thought he would be Mechakara. How many times has that guy died? How many times has Lord Vyce died? It’s scary to see Linkara mad. Good thing the Entity didn’t come after a less mentally stable person like the Nostalgia Critic.

  9. Greg Land. You never cease to amaze me… and not in a good way.

  10. Maybe I don’t recall so well but was The Entity obsessed with chess before?

  11. Why the letters “SDD” on Comicron Two? Does that have some significance?

  12. lilith_ascennding

    Called it about The Entity. I kind of figured he was either possessing or influencing Linkara. Still, all I can say now is “Hello, nightmares, my old friends. I’ve come to scream with you again.”

  13. I really don’t like this style of drawing/colouring. It’s in all the Marvel comics I’ve come across as of late and it’s flat and uninteresting. I don’t know if it’s considered an in-house style (like, if everyone has to be on the same page/style manual re production values) or if it’s quicker and cheaper to produce, but it downright doesn’t help make storylines interesting.

  14. Was the opening sequence meant to be a homage to “Star Trek – The Motion Picture”? That long tracking shot of Comicron 2 was so reminiscent of the NCC-1701 pulling out of Spacedock in that movie. It would also sort of fit with a probe with unexpected powers causing disaster on Earth.

  15. Could not help but chuckles at Poolyo “canon”

  16. The card at the beginning kind of makes me sad; all those whingers hating on your storyline.
    On the other hand, if I was going to use it (which I’m not), it wouldn’t work for me with VidMe anyway; I don’t get a time code popping up when I use the slider. Am I the only one? (I do get one with YouTube. I’m on Firefox.)

    Comicron Two looks Great! (But I couldn’t read the quote on the dedication plaque.)

    “How do you screw up continuity from one issue to the next…?”
    “Unlike this, I can still remember what happened in

    I think you just answered your own question.

    ‘spore’ ‘one-celled organism’ ‘biologically inert’…
    I’m pretty sure something can’t be any two of those things at the same time. But I don’t know this stuff so I’m open to correction.

    “Kitty phasing is a bad idea on an interdimensional trip.”
    This is based on 616 Kitty, so apologies if it doesn’t apply to Ultimate:
    It’s also a bad idea because her phasing disrupts electronics, and that wall is clearly covered in electronics.

    “Two bridges”
    Wow. Just last night I watched an old SF Debris episode that referenced the same episode.

  17. Thanks for that note at the beginning.

  18. Heh… I’m not sure which scenario I would have preferred ? ‘This’ or ‘Linkara becoming the next Vice’ ? Honestly, I was more prepared for the later.

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