Unlimited Powers – Legends of Fandom

Long before all the CW Superhero Shows, plans were in place to produce a Live-Action Series starring The Flash & Green Arrow. This is The Legend of Unlimited Powers.

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  1. LOVE Young Justice! Why you use Artemis for thumb nail to reel me in? lol

  2. Dear Erod:

    I saw a video you posted elsewhere explaining what was going on with your show. Honestly, it sounded as though you might have taken some things I said about the state of modern reviewing personally, or at least some remarks that sound similar to ones I’ve made myself.

    To clarify, it isn’t that you aren’t good at what you do. It’s just that there are certain things you do well that help you to stand out from other similar reviewers, like NC, AVGN, etc. Namely, that you have a deep love of comics and superhero fiction. As such, I feel your best work is when you focus on things you love more so than things you hate. When you do Honest Reviews, Casting Couches, and things like today’s Legends of Fandom, it just seems that – at least to me – you’re on your best game with those. And I like to see more of those.

    But that’s just my thoughts. I realize there are some out there who enjoy the busting reviews, and that’s them.

    Sad to see that you’re having to cut back on your schedule, but you got to do what you got to do. Take care of yourself and your family.

    Shalom L’ka.

    • The Real Silverstar

      I saw that video as well, and that’s a good point. There are so many internet reviewers who angrily rip apart bad movies that even the good ones tend to get lost in the morass. If Erod wants to stand out, perhaps he could shift his focus to celebrating his passion as opposed to just being another angry critic. When I first decided I wanted to start making online videos (which I’m currently in the process of learning), I knew right off the bat I didn’t want to be the Angry (fill-in-the-blank) or the Irate (fill-in-the-blank) or the So-and-So Blaster or the So-and-So Beater ’cause those guys are a dime a dozen on the internet; I’d rather laugh than rant, and I’d rather make jokes and geek out over the stuff I enjoy rather than tear apart the stuff I don’t. I also knew I didn’t want to do movie reviews because everybody and their Uncle Gus does those.

      I don’t know if Erod reads these comments, but that’s something to think about.

  3. Hi Erod. Would you consider doing an episode on the lost Darkwing Duck episodes. Apparently episodes were planned incase the show went on past its third season. One episode involved the negaverse Negaduck meeting the Negaduck unleashed by the tron splitter.

  4. This never-to-be show reminds me of the Incredibles a little bit.

  5. That series sounded like a potentially interesting idea, and I like the title “Unlimited Powers”, but the lineup didn’t sound all that impressive, to be honest. Yeah, the team would have been headed by the Flash, but the rest of the team would have been made up by obscure DC characters that no one except hardcore DC fan would even know. If at least one other A-list character had been in there, I’d be more enthusiastic about seeing this.

    Also, I saw your video where you explain how your current situation. Sorry to hear that your ad revenue took a hit thanks to the YouTube Adpocalypse, but have you considered opening a VidMe account? I’m not suggesting that you leave YouTube for VidMe, but there are a number of internet producers who use both, such as Doug and Lewis Lovehaug (Linkara). One advantage to having a day job is that boredom can sir the creative juices.

    You might also consider launching your own homepage for your content. You could call it Blockbuster Buster.com or Blockbuster Buster HQ, or something similar. Just a suggestion.

  6. The Real Silverstar

    I can’t say I’m sorry that this one didn’t happen; I’m not a fan of dystopian futures, plus aside from Flash and Green Arrow’s daughter, the rest of the team were a couple of obscure jobbers no one could possibly care about. Also, as was noted in the video, TV shows work with tight budgets and so the larger-than-life sci-fi stuff can’t be properly replicated on a TV show, case in point the abysmal Inhumans series.

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