Unrepentant Geeking: Adventure Time – Stakes

Shaun reviews the 8-part Adventure Time mini-series Stakes.

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  1. I didn’t get the show theme song because it has been so long since I saw ‘Mr. Belvedere’ and I’m the same age as you.

  2. I personally liked this one alot.

    It was certainly more focused than the past few seasons of the show and I really liked that it put Finn and Jake on the side lines and instead focused on PB and Marci.

    I certainly hope they’re gonna stay that focused since season 5 and 6 showed that their usually writing approach doesn’t work that well anymore.

  3. I don’t watch Adventure Time (ever since Root Beer guy died, that is) but I thought that I’d check this podcast out just because. That song at the beginning was pretty beautiful though. Yeah, I never heard of Mr.Belvedere. I wonder if it was on at the same time as The Nanny and shows like that? Oh, also, it’s good to know that you like Daft Punk. I agree that Random Access Memories is one of my favorite albums. 😀

  4. FYI, Root Beer Guy isn’t dead anymore. He was resurrected by lightening. Also, the two-thirds of season six following the hiatus they took a few episodes after “Something Big” were wildly great, and season seven has been fantastic as well so far. So, I would highly recommend catching up.

  5. Marceline’s mom was voiced by Rebbecca Sugar, not Olivia Olson.

  6. I really enjoyed the mini-series, wish things changed a little more than they did and a little disappointed we didn’t really get any more info on Hunson and what he was doing during Marceline’s childhood, but those are minor gripes that can be addressed later. Odd how Finn and Jake work almost better as side characters than they do as protagonists.

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