Unrepentant Geeking: All-New All-Different Marvel

Shaun reacts to the newly revealed landscape of the Marvel U post-Secret Wars.

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  1. Can somebody explain to me WHY Marvel decided to make a female Thor, Wolverine, etc.? I don’t see the purpose. Did they just want a different spin on the characters, like say, Groot Thor or…? I know that there is probably no definite answer but still. Besides that little confusion, I am interested to see what Marvel has up their sleeves.

    • Well, they have already a variant action figure of every fucking character in their universe, so maybe using the branding of popular characters to launch new characters so that they can sell more action figures.

      This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if they just let characters pass out of the collective consciousness instead of holding the property for decades after having run out of stories. So that there will be market share for new characters to occupy.

      • I suppose that that is as good as any explanation. It’s also just a personal annoyance of mine. I can’t completely explain why either. I guess my thoughts are just “If you want to make a new superhero, just make a new superhero (unless you have a situation where say Mary Jane was Hispanic and then their child would be white and Hispanic)”.

    • Females exist.

    • happymel I think they should just have new superheroes that aren’t straight, white, cisgendered males instead of making new versions of past superheroes. Like the Young Avengers and Runaways. The Runaways include African-American Asian-American characters along with a lesbian and a transgender female. The Young Avengers have an African-American character and the two main characters in the group are a gay couple. Not to mention the bisexual character. And all of these characters are for the most part original. They aren’t reincarnation or clones or new versions of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, etc. They’re new characters with their own personalities and powers and stories who happen to be diverse. It’s the same with Ms. Marvel and Avengers Academy. In general, the lesser known teenage superheroes are more diverse and fun. If we could spotlight those characters instead, I think it would help Marvel in the long run, especially since all of the characters I just mentioned are still really young, which means that they could be Marvel’s next generation of heroes considering that heroes like Captain America and such are getting old. (Literally)

    • X-23 has been for a while, actually. And having Jane with the power of Thor is interesting.

  2. The Hype! It Burns! It Burrrrnns!!

    But seriously: I WANT to get interested in comics again. I followed them for decades. But they just kept getting worse and worse. Finally, by the New52 reboot, I gave up. (Not on comic characters- those I still follow on movies, TV etc.- just on comics themselves.)

    I had hope that maybe Marvel would go back to its glory days after (the latest) Secret Wars. But all those announcements failed to impress me. My reactions went from “eh, seen it before” to “how do they expect THAT to sell!?”

    My prediction is that this is all a big show because *of course* Secret Wars has to have big consequences. But give it a few years -not even that many- and everything will return to the status quo. Unnecessary titles will be cancelled, legacy characters will lose their acquired identities, etc.

    Or I could be wrong. Maybe at least some of these titles will be a hit. Again, I wish nothing but the best for Marvel. I’m just not convinced this is the way to do it.

  3. Galacticus?

  4. Where does this blind faith in Bendis come from?!

    Did you see what he did to Laura in that fan fiction they call the All-New X-men?!

    The character was unrecognizable when compared to any previous iteration. He didn’t even attempt to adapt the most overt and superficial aspect of her; being the cadence in which she speaks.

    The significant characterization was worse. Flinging herself into time displaced younger Cyclopes arms! God that was painful!

    Ignoring part of me that wants to do the rusty venture quote “That wasn’t traumatic; that was my life!” in context to Arena (as she could quite plausibly be traumatized), that is the exact opposite response she has to trauma!

    Don’t get me started on throwing her into a vacuous teen romance with time displaced younger Angel! She is not a character to be entered lightly in a romantic relationship if at all!

    There is a reason why her relationship with Hellion went slowly, then nowhere!

    I just hope that hacks influence washes off!

  5. I have been out of print comics for nearly a decade before a webcomic author dragged me back in.

    I started with 1 comic in January: Unbeatable Squirrel girl because of Ryan North before getting a second comic Spider-Gwen after seeing panels of it on tumblr. (I like Spider-based superheroes but My favourite is not marvel – It is the webcomic Spinnerette which is recently doing a multiverse crossover with Silver-age Spinnerette and 90s Spinnerette.)

    I can’t wait for more Spider-Gwen I am missing one issue at the moment since it is out of print at my comic shops and I hope the fact that Issue one of squirrel girl is on its third printing is enough for Ryan and erica to continue the book.

  6. Ugh. This whole trend of launching a comic series, cancelling it a few issues later, and then relaunching again is annoying. It feels like double dipping.

  7. Hope that they go back to the original personality of The Hood. That was truly enjoyable. Sadly they dunked him in vat of cliche and sent him loose to be insufferable in his villainous career after Civil War.

  8. AloneAmongstGods

    Peter David is one of my All-Time favourite comic book writers. I’m still a bit bummed that All new x-factor got cancelled, wich I guess I also had part in because I usually buy the trade paperbacks…

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